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Every movie is iconic for something. Most of the time, it’s the characters’ personalities that keep people watching, whether it’s because they’re witty, hilarious, or downright rude. Sometimes though, a prop or effect can be the real star of the show, like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park or the CGI beasts in Jumanji. But many movies captivate the hearts of watchers everywhere, and their favorite part of the movie isn’t even a character or plot, it’s a car! Cars have been a part of movies for a very long time, and although mostly in the background, they are often important features that really make the movie shine. Here are the 10 coolest cars found in movies.

1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor, or ‘Ecto I’ from Ghostbusters

Cars in Movies 1Ghostbusters is a classic movie with its fair share of ghouls, laughs, and funny characters. But an equally important part of the whole tone of the movie was the mode of transport for the main characters, also known as ‘Ecto I’. This kooky car was originally one of only 25 ambulance-hearses made at the time. The two models that were transformed to be used in Ghostbusters I and II both survived the movie shooting, and are still around today as collectors’ cars.

1971 Chevrolet Nova SS, from Death Proof

Cars in Movies 2Death Proof was created by Quentin Tarantino, and is a unique take on the typical slasher movie—only this movie has a stunt driver use his car to get his victims into deadly accidents. The Chevrolet Nova in the movie is tricked out with a skull decal on the hood of the car, and an all-black paint job on the body. Because this movie is about death-by-accident, many other cars were also featured, but the Nova is the best-looking by far.

1963 Aston Martin DB5, from Goldfinger

Cars in Movies 3The 007 series is arguably one of the coolest movie series for many reasons. But the main two reasons this series is loved are: 1) James Bond, and 2) his car. Fit for the kind of spy Bond was, his Aston Martin was equipped with leather interior, machine guns that were mounted in the front of the car, rear wheel spikes, an oil slick sprayer for the road, and even a passenger seat ejection function. Talk about designed with the driver in mind!

1981 DeLorean DMC-12, from Back to the Future

Cars in Movies 4The DeLorean DMC has a big part in the Back to the Future movie, mainly because it was the vessel used for heading ‘back to the future’, and could time travel when it reached 88 mph. Although it sounds and looks pretty cool, a weak engine combined with all of that stainless steel made the car very heavy, and so it wasn’t exactly a speed devil in reality. Regardless, time traveling properties are reason enough to get on this cool movie car list.

2015 ‘The Gigahorse’, from Mad Max: Fury Road

Cars in Movies 5From recent movies, Mad Max: Fury Road has some bold and unusual characters. It only makes sense that there should be an equally crazy car involved in the plot somewhere. That’s where the Gigahorse makes an appearance. This monstrous dinosaur of a vehicle has two Cadillac bodies situated on top of double Chevrolet big block V-8s. The whole thing looks like it should just be a graphic on a green screen, but this bad boy was actually built by a team!

2000 Dodge Charger, from The Fast and the Furious

Cars in Movies 6You can’t talk about cool cars without mentioning The Fast and the Furious series at least once. This chain of movies is based on sick rides, street racing, and stereotypical, but lovable, ‘cool guy’ drivers. The black Dodge Charger is iconic for the street race between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s respective characters. What followed was a race filled with trick shots, lots of engine revving, and a near death brush with a train. Sounds confusing, but was actually cool.

1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback, from Bullitt

Cars in Movies 7If you want to talk about iconic car scenes, the car chase from Bullitt certainly hits that mark. The main character, Detective Frank Bullitt, chases the villains in his Ford Mustang around the scenic San Francisco Bay Area. While a beautiful shot, this scene is known more for the skillful maneuvers and close calls made by the drivers involved. The Ford Mustang really shines in this movie, and works up to ‘Bullitt’ speed. Bad pun, but you get the point.

2008 Tumbler Batmobile, from The Dark Knight Trilogy

Cars in Movies 8The Batmobile and Batman himself were a part of comics before they were made into several live-action movies over the years. But once they came to life, they made a lasting impression. Sleek, sophisticated, and futuristic, the Tumbler Batmobile is an actual car that was constructed by a group of engineers in Britain. This car is powerful with a 350 cubic inch 5.7-liter Chevrolet engine that pumps out approximately 400 horsepower. The Batmobile is the car version of Batman himself!

1961 Ferrari GT250, from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Cars in Movies 9If there was a category for ‘Saddest Death Ever,’ the award goes to the car from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This car was supposed to be a Mercedes AMG in the original script, but a Ferrari was chosen later. The Ferrari is quite the beauty in this movie, and more than one person gets tempted to steal it, but it’s the ending of the movie that’s been breaking the hearts of Ferrari lovers from the day this movie was released.

1932 Ford Coupe, from American Graffiti

Cars in Movies 10American Graffiti is an earlier creation of George Lucas, and represents the time and craze of the car culture during the 1960s in California. While this movie featured lots of hot rods, the most memorable one was the main character’s bright yellow 1932 Ford Coupe. This car specifically and the movie brought on a whole new craze with hot rods and muscle cars in the media and youth culture, and many people went crazy trying to buy one for themselves.

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10 Coolest Cars in Movies

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