The 2017 The Tesla Model 3


The Tesla Model 3 is a car that people have been looking forward to seeing for 10 years, since whispers of it first came about. The Model S originally set the stage for transforming the electrical car industry, and the Model 3 is supposed to take it to a much larger level. Here is what the new model has to offer:

A Sleek Look

The car looks like its sports car counterparts at BMW, Mercedes and Audi. It’s a luxury comfort vehicle coming in at 184.8 x 72.8 x 56.8 inches. However, this car was designed to have a sleek modern look with the front showing a low snout and hood. The headlamps are also placed on top of the fenders, rather than at the edge.

This car is a five person sedan and has a regular trunk, unlike its predecessor, the Model S. There is plenty of headroom in the rear of the car as well thanks to the fact they got rid of the rear window header. Inside, it’s fairly minimalist, with an interface touch screen doing much of the work of navigation, entertainment and controls.

Pure Power

The Model 3 is a rear wheel drive and has a mounted motor on its rear as well. But the company is looking to the possibility of all wheel drive very soon, with upgrades such as a front monitor coming into the works. The batteries that they have been using have two versions the standard and the long range. The standard one drives around 220 miles in total before recharge and will go up to 60 miles per hour within 5.6 seconds whereas the Long Range can get up to 310 miles per charge and can make the same 60 mile per hour dash in 5.1 seconds. The new model does not include the same battery as the Model S, though Tesla has not coming out with what exactly to expect in the newer battery chemistry (which is produced by Panasonic).


Tesla is the only company on the market with its own special made charging stations. They have called these Superchargers, and intend to make money off of them by putting them all throughout North America. They are currently increasing the amount of chargers by 150% and have near 6500 as of the end of 2017. Faster superchargers will require payment of an incremental fee.

Bringing Down Weight

In order to be more cost effective and with the aim of having a potential to mass-produce the cars, the Model 3 was engineered in a way that is completely different than the Model S was. The body of the scale is completely scaled down with aluminum (as the Model S had) but mixed in with high strength steel. This brings the weight down to much more in line with many compact sports vehicles. The total weight is around 2550 pounds in its standard form and then for long range it comes in at about 3850 pounds. They have really put more into the design than previous models, focusing on putting the battery pack under the floor of the car and instilling rear wheel drive. This creates a low center of gravity for the entire car and makes the overall car dynamics much more effective.

Stylish, But Still Functional

Despite its sleek look, the Model 3 takes advantage of the technological and space advantages the vehicle offers. It has many of the same amenities as classic vehicles: cup holders, door pockets, and cubbies for storing things in the car. However, the inside is unlike anything else on the market. The entire front of the vehicle has been made into a touchscreen, allowing the front of the vehicle to be devoted to putting much more space. It gives the car a much more modern and sleek look, as well reducing the chunky carvings and spacing taken up by most car dashboard. This is great news for those people who are taller than six feet, since most cars are not made with them in mind.


The car will probably cost around $36,200 to start, with the Long Range vehicle coming in at $45,200. This is on par with most vehicles in the market of its style and make. Additionally, it is less expensive than its competitor (Chevrolet manufactures the Bolt EV, which with a similar concept is being sold at $37,495).

What do you think? Are you planning on getting the new Tesla?


The 2017 The Tesla Model 3

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