5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a New Car

Before buying a new car, you must ask yourself a few critical questions to help make your final decision. You should never go to a dealership or any car business to look for a car without knowing your expectations. Likewise, you should also research before shopping. The next five questions should help guide you in making the right decision.

1: Do You Need a New Car? 


Even though this question might seem a little ridiculous, it is a valid one. Where you live is crucial in your car buying decision. If you live close to a metro area and have access to public transportation, then you might not need to buy a new car. However, if you live farther away from public infrastructure, then a car is a necessity. Likewise, if you already have several cars, before deciding to purchase a new one, you should consider if owning another is feasible.

2: What Brand of Car Should You Purchase?

Internet services provide vast amounts of information regarding different brands of automobiles. You should utilize all technology resources and read online reviews and recommendations. Some items to consider when choosing a car are:

  • Safety and dependability
  • Drivability
  • Space
  • Gas mileage

You should always research a car before you go shopping to know the exact price the dealer paid versus their asking price.

3: Should You Buy New or Used?

Some people place a stigma on buying new cars and how they lose value once they leave dealership lots. However, this generalization only applies to certain makes and models.

4: Are You Trading-in a Vehicle?

Before you buy a car, you should know if you plan on trading-in an existing car. You must use different methods of research to know your car’s trade-in value. Most people use online sites to get an exact idea of what their car is worth. When you have an idea of your car’s worth, it makes it easier to negotiate when your dealer gives a different price point. Likewise, you should not tell the dealer about the car you are exchanging until they have given you a price for your new car. If they know you have a trade-in, they could try to get you to pay more for your new car. Remember, you must make sure you get a reasonable and fair price.

5: Do Extra Features Cost More?

There is not much worse than deciding on a car and realizing that everything you hoped for, as far as features go, are add-on choices. These upcharges can range from keyless entries to sun-roofs, so know beforehand what you want and if it is an included or add-on option. When you buy a completely new car, most times they already come with a majority of upscale features, but if you buy a pre-owned car, those features might need to get added. Some functions and features are considered standard, but that is only for new cars. Likewise, not all used cars are capable of obtaining newer car’s technologies. These are all factors you must research and discuss with your dealer.


Asking yourself these five significant questions before you buy a car is essential. Knowing the answers to the questions should allow you to feel more confident and smarter in your car buying process. Remember, you should always walk away from a sale if you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, you might need to visit several car dealers before making your final decision, and that is okay. All power of saying yes or no to buying a car is up to you, and you never should make a decision based on impulsivity.

You should be certain a car is perfect for you. When you plan, it should put you in a much better position to buy one when the time is right. Always remember your list of questions before you shop.


5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a New Car

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