7 Tips for Working Out in the Morning

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Sleep is a precious commodity in the world today. With Netflix and YouTube on our phones and tablets, we seem to be going to sleep later and later every night. Of course, this also makes it nearly impossible for us to wake up early in the morning. According to recent studies, that means that fewer and fewer people are waking up early to go to the gym. However, going to the gym or going for a morning run is the best way to start your day right.

But how can you start your day with a workout? How can you find the motivation to wake up early? It isn’t easy and it will take some training, but for those who can do it, it is worth here. Try these tips for working out in the morning:

1. Set Multiple Alarms

If you have a Fitbit or a fitness band, set the silent alarm on that. Set an alarm on your phone and use a traditional alarm clock. If you can, put the alarm somewhere else in your room so that you have to get up to actually turn it off; this will prevent he use of the snooze button.

There are plenty of apps that require you to do math problems, solve a puzzle, or do a random task before you can turn the alarm off. The goal is to keep you awake and prevent you from crawling back into the warm appeal of the covers.

2. Pack Your Bag at Night

If you do like to maximize your sleep (and who doesn’t?) you can save yourself some time in the mornings. Pack your gym back the night before that you can be out the door in ten minutes, if you want. You can lay out your clothing, prepare a quick meal, and set your coffee machine to a timer so that everything moves quickly in the mornings.

It will take 10-15 minutes out of your nightly routine, but it will feel a lot better in the morning.

3. Pump Up the Music

As soon as you wake up, turn on your favorite song and just start dancing along and moving. A dance party for one – whether it is to the latest Nicki Minaj song or to the Hamilton cast recording – can motivate you to keep it moving. You’ll burn a few extra calories with all of the dancing and you’ll be in a better mood. Find the songs that make you happy and energized, even if they wouldn’t be the songs you’d normally listen to.

Many of the streaming services have curated lists for exercise that update regularly as well. Go ahead and use your toothbrush as a microphone.

4. Have a Friend Meet You There

Having a workout buddy is one of the best ways to convince yourself to work out in the morning. As humans, we don’t really care if we let ourselves down by skimping on the exercising. However, we do care about disappointing our friends and family. Try to start going to the gym or jogging with a friend who doesn’t live with you. This way, you will feel a responsibility to show up and to not cancel ahead of time – their health and fitness depends on you as well.

Make sure to choose someone who is dependable and won’t cancel on you consistently either. You need to motivate each other to do better and be better.

Working Out Tips 2

5. Hydrate Yourself

If you do go to the gym, you want to be hydrated as much as possible. When you sleep, even if it isn’t as much as you want, you start to dehydrate. Keep a water bottle by your bed and chug it as soon as you wake up. Once you are used to doing that, you can up it to two bottles that you chug when you wake up. This will not only awaken your body, but it will help to make up for all of the water you lost over the seven or so hours you sleep.

6. Eat Something

You need to eat something when you wake up to help you feel satisfied – and so that you don’t pass out when you’re at the gym. Go for something that is sugary but still healthy for you, like a banana or an apple. Many people like to workout on an empty stomach, but unless that is part of your fitness routine, it can be dangerous.

If possible, wake up earlier so that you can come back home to eat a proper breakfast that is filled with protein. Don’t trust protein shakes from other sources and try to make a better quality shake that uses natural foods when possible.

7. Go To Sleep Early

Learning to wake up early to work out is going to take some time and commitment. It is also going to take a change in the rest of your day as well. You need to get enough sleep to function throughout the day and still put in a good workout. If you want to be up by 5 AM for example, you need to be in bed by at least 10:30 PM the night before, if not much earlier. That means your entire schedule needs to shift. You’ll have to stop eating and drinking earlier, you may have to change what TV shows you watch, and you may even need to change your significant other’s sleeping schedule as well. Once again, this will take some time, but you have to stick with it.

At the end of the day, working out at any time of the day is better than not working out at all. However, you do need to consider the benefits of working out in the morning and how it sets you up for a better day. Everything good takes time, so don’t lost faith if you have trouble the first few weeks. Eventually, your body will understand the new schedule and learn how to stick to it.


7 Tips for Working Out in the Morning

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