Amazing Car Gadgets to Consider Buying for Your Ride

Regardless of the season, there are some who love a good road trip. They may want to visit family around the winter holidays or may want to plan an excursion for the summer months. It doesn’t matter what season it is because most people enjoy hopping in the car and going on a trip. However, it’s best to make sure that your vehicle is well-equipped to handle the open road. While some gadgets focus on things that help during emergencies, others are more for enjoyment and may be unnecessary but fun to have.

Jumper Cables and the Like

Jumper cables should be in the trunk of every vehicle, but they only work when you have another friendly vehicle that can give you a boost. They should still be there and available, but you may want to consider a self-powered jump starting kit. These machines are portable and perfect for a time when no one is around or willing to help (such as at a rest area). Many of them can plug into any outlet or plug into the cigarette lighter on your car. Plus, they may also come with USB ports to allow you to charge your smartphone, too.


Your ultimate goal is to prevent car accidents, but they can be inevitable. Instead of being unprepared and trapped in your car, you can purchase a Stinger, which is a hand-held device that shatters the car window or dashboard, allowing you to get out of the vehicle quickly. On the opposite side of the device is a slim blade, which can help you cut the seatbelt if it gets jammed.

Bluetooth Tire Gauge

Everyone has seen those long, slim tire-pressure checkers found at almost every gas station. While they are suitable for the task, you may want to use technology when checking tire pressure. You can find products that use Bluetooth gauges to relay information to your smartphone or device. It can also alert you if the pressure gets too low, which helps you become more aware and stop off for air.

USB Charger

The problem with so many fun and essential car gadgets is that you don’t have enough plug-ins to use them all and keep them charged. Therefore, you may want to purchase a USB charger with two ports. You can find a variety of USB hubs with two to five ports. However, you should focus on those that fit your budget and have a low/slim profile.

Key Mate

While called many things, these keyrings are designed to help you find lost keys. It looks like any other key fob and sits on the keychain. If you misplace the keys, it has Bluetooth to help you locate them using a specialty mobile app. It can even find the keys if they are locked in the car and works with a variety of infotainment systems.

Dash Cam

While you hope you never need it, a dash cam is essential to help determine who’s at fault after an accident. Choose a device that captures the images clearly and has video, saving them on impact. Some versions also record your location to show where and when the accident occurred. While not the reason for the dash cam, you can also choose to record as you drive along a scenic route, giving you amazing videos of your road trip later.

Cop Radar

Yes, everyone has likely watched movies where they had a large, clunky box that reported where the cops were and what areas to avoid, but slimmer profiles have made it easy to install such a device in your car. You can find out where the cops are and slow down to avoid getting pulled over and getting a ticket.


Amazing Car Gadgets to Consider Buying for Your Ride

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