Car Subscription Services: Are You Ready to Forego Ownership?

You might remember when you used to go out and buy movies, music, or even computer software and games. These days, all of these things are available through subscription services, which are becoming more popular all of the time. Experts believe that it’s only a matter of time before other products are available through subscription services, including cars. Think this is fake news? It’s not; subscription services for cars are already here.

There are automakers right now that are testing “subscriptions.” Basically, these companies are allowing their customers to make a monthly payment, but then allow them to switch up their car choice each month, too. Though this sounds pretty great, it comes at a pretty high price, which, as of now, is more than you would pay for a lease on the same vehicles, and even more than buying it outright. Lexus is one such company, and it plans on rolling out this option in 2019 with its UX SUV model. The model is scheduled to hit the market in December, 2018.

Fiat Chrysler is also rolling out a similar plan. Though details have not been announced, the company has announced that it will offer an “all-in monthly payment” to access Fiat Chrysler vehicles. This would include insurance and concierge service. Most other car subscription services include these things too, and most have no type of down payment to sign up for the service. Several car brands offer this, or will soon, and there are also independent companies offering these subscription services in certain markets.

Here is a breakdown of some of the available car subscription services out there:

Care by Volvo

Care by Volvo is currently available, and it is the only car subscription service available nationwide. Two models of the SC40 SUV is available, but the company plans on putting the S60 and V60 on offer, too. The program is similar to a lease because the company only allows you to switch vehicles every 12 months. They also limit the mileage to 15,000 miles per year. The cost ranges from $650 to $850 a month, and it includes insurance and scheduled maintenance in that price.

Mercedes-Benz Collection

Mercedes-Benz also offers a type of subscription service. Right now, however, it’s only available in Philadelphia, PA and Nashville, TN. There are two subscription options, and each one offers a range of vehicle choices. Currently, there is a $495 fee to subscribe, and the monthly payment ranges from $1,595 to $2,995. This price includes a full insurance policy, all maintenance, unlimited mileage, roadside assistance, and a personal concierge service.

Access by BMW

BMW is also in the subscription service game. It is currently only available in Nashville, TN, and there are two tiers available. As with the Mercedes-Benz offering, there is a fee to sign up, and then the monthly payments range from $2,000 to $3,700 a month. People who choose these options can change cars monthly, drive up to 2,000 miles a month, and are fully insured. Scheduled maintenance is also included in the price.

Book by Cadillac

Cadillac offers two of its models via subscription service, the ATS-V and CTS-V. Right now, however, the service is only available in Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles. Users of the service can change cars as often as they like up to 18 times in a calendar year. There is a $500 fee to sign up with this service, and then the cost is $1,800 a month. You get 2,000 per month, and insurance and maintenance are included.

Porsche Passport

Right now, Porsche only offers its subscription service in Atlanta. There are two choices available, the 911 and Panamera, and vehicles can be swapped out at any time. As with the other plans, there is a $500 sign-up fee, and the cost ranges from $2,000 to $3,000. The price includes unlimited mileage, insurance, maintenance, and car cleaning.

Canvas – Ford and Lincoln

Ford and Lincoln offer a subscription service in West Los Angles and throughout the San Francisco Bay area. The subscription service is a bit more complicated than others. First, there is no sign up fee, but to switch from one vehicle to another, it is $99. The monthly price for the service is around $330 a month, but the vehicles are lease returns that are a few years old. Newer cars are available for $800 to $900 a month, but this includes insurance and maintenance. There are also fees for mileage. Up to 50 miles per month comes with the price of the vehicle, but you can go up to 850 miles a month for an extra $35, or up to 1,250 miles a month for $65. There is also a $100 fee for anyone who wants unlimited mileage.

Are you interested in getting subscription car? Let us know what you think of these plans in the comments, below.


Car Subscription Services: Are You Ready to Forego Ownership?

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