The Cars Already Shining in 2018

Cars get more innovative as time goes on. The need is becoming ever more present to come out with more updates and entice new customers in. The sale of personal vehicles is down and technology is becoming a large part of the average car consumer’s basic needs in a vehicle. With car designers looking for more ways to make cars environmentally friendly and convenient, the competition among companies has brought great models and ideas to fruition. Given the need to update, there are already cars that have already stolen the spotlight for 2018, whether due to style, functionality, or both. Check out the following list of cars that are taking the 2018 limelight already:


The BMW X1 tops the list because of its spacious and upscale design. The four-cylinder engine (turbocharged of course) makes the X1 and easy and comfortable drive. However with dual-purpose design in mind, the outside has a sleek look to it that can only be described as a sports car lover’s dream. It’s a fast yet stylish choice for anyone looking for a solid driving experience.

This year’s model comes with front and rear sensors for parking, Navigation features, heated seats (and steering wheel for those of you with cold hands). There is also a back up camera as with all previous versions and Wi-Fi for anyone with antsy kids in the back.

Audi A7

The Audi has kept much of its classic features coming into the New Year. The horsepower has shifted slightly. Whereas last year it had a 333 horsepower engine, this year the 2.0-liter V-6 engine can go up to 340-horse power super charged. The car has kept its sleek sports car exterior in its four door models. It also features sport suspension and S-line bumpers, as with previous versions. However, they have decided to stray from the diesel V-6 option as they had in 2017 and instead keep the standard equipment update. This includes partnerships with Apple (Car Play), Samsung (Android Auto), and Bose for a surround sound system that will rival many other cars on the market.

Dodge Charger

Dodge often hails the charger as one of the last 4-door cars to be manufactured and modeled in the United States. This year, the 2018 models will feature a rear camera to assist with rear parking. The engine boasts a 3.6-liter V-6 engine coming at 300-horse power. The outside of the charger is as modern as ever, with aluminum wheels (each about 19 inches in size) and the same glossy exterior in black. The touchscreen inside the car connects to Apple Play. The car itself as three-mode stability control, sticker tires for more resistance, and performance suspension. The Hemi power, rumble, and torque are the best parts of this vehicle coming into 2018.

GMC Acadia

This midsize crossover is still the perfect choice for anyone taking a family trip, fitting up to seven people at once. The size of the GMB Acadia is what has attracted its customers to this model since it was first introduced into the market. However, this year, GMC has tried to keep up with the current trend of downsizing vehicles. The body of the 2018 model is much more compact, with the car itself boasting new modern features as well.

In terms of the logistics of the car, not much has changed from 2017, but they did put in an off-roading model that allows for all wheel drive in any sort of terrain. This allows a much more broad customer demographic to enjoy the vehicle. The steering wheel is automatically heated, and the dashboard touchscreen also alerts the driver when a tire is done being inflated. This is especially useful if the car is being use out on rough terrain, as it’s a safety concern for many drivers. However, the fuel economy on this car is still not on par with many of its competitors, and the third row and cargo hold are not as spacious given the decision to make the vehicle more compact.

Volvo S90

The Volvo S90 is the perfect combination of luxury car sedan and functionality. It far surpasses its predecessor, the S80 in terms of its buy-ability. First off, the interior is sleek, with a touch screen control on the inside that controls much of the vehicles internal and exterior controls. Additionally, the S90 offers cruise control that adapts, allowing drivers to break semi-autonomously. In order to appeal to driver safety, they have also included automated braking of the emergency brakes and lane-keeping assists, which has an alarm go off anytime another driver comes into the car’s blind spot. The headlands are adaptive, and pointed towards the interior. The wood trimming on the inside is also upscale and carefully chosen to augment the rest of the leather interior seating.

The newest model of the LaCrosse does a good job of keeping its current American traditional consumer base while also modernizing the vehicle in a way that won’t alienate them. The V-6 engine allows the car to go fast, with 20-inch wheels aiding the large and imposing appearance of the car. However, it does not waste too much fuel through this model. This model has pushed for many high tech safety features, which has actually driven the price up. The blind spots are still as large as ever, given the size of the vehicle (hence the safety updates). But the car still preserves its classic American style and has put in some solid infotainment tech to entice new clientele.


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The Cars Already Shining in 2018

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