Why You Should Change Your Oil in a New Car

When you get a new car, you probably wonder what the maintenance is going to look like. After driving a car off of the new lot there won’t be too much maintenance to worry about. However, you do need to change the oil when the time comes. While many new cars can last much longer than the 3,000 mile standard that most mechanics suggest, it is still beneficial to change your oil as often as 5,000 or so miles. The best way to find out how long you should go before getting an oil change is to look over your car’s manual. You’ll never hurt your car by changing the oil early, but you could burn something up by changing it too late.

When the time comes to change your oil, consider changing it yourself. This is especially true for that new car of yours. Maintenance can cost a lot of money, and changing your oil won’t necessarily save you much money. However, you can get a much higher quality oil in your car if you do it yourself for around the same price as having someone else do it. If you’ve never changed your oil before, don’t fear. It might start off as a bit messy, but once you do it a few times you’re bound to be a pro.

The good news is that changing the oil in your new car is going to practically be the same as changing it in your old car. It’s a pretty straight forward process that can be completed in under 30 minutes.

To change your oil, you’ll need a few supplies. You should pick up an oil pan and a new oil filter. Don’t try and get the cheap economy oil filters. There isn’t much of a price difference from the cheap filters to the expensive filters, but their performance is much different. The cheaper oil filters you find at the auto shop are only going to work for 3,000 miles. Spending a few extra bucks can get you an oil filter that is going to last two to three times as long.  Other tools that you should have at home are also required, like a wrench. It’s also helpful to have a funnel to pour the new oil in without any spills happening. Most of these items you only have to buy once. Once you have your supplies, follow these steps below to change out your oil.

Changing Your Car’s Oil

  1. Unscrew the drain plug on your car’s engine. This is underneath your car. Drain the oil into the pan and let it run until nothing else comes out. Take the time to clean the oil plug with a fresh cloth. If your car needs a new gasket, install that as well. You won’t need to do this every time, but gaskets should be new enough that they don’t show wear and tear. Replace the drain plug once the oil is all out.
  2. The next step is to take out the filter. Remove the oil filter and replace it with the new one that you bought. Rub some clean oil on the rubber gasket that is on the filter to lubricate it.
  3. Fill your engine with new oil using a funnel. Check the capacity using a dip stick. Once it is full, your job is done!
  4. Pour your old oil into an empty container. This oil needs to be recycled, which can be done at your local gas station.
  5. Regularly check your oil and change it according to what your car manual says.
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Why You Should Change Your Oil in a New Car

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