Up and Coming Vehicle Features in 2018

Many individuals wait for the New Year to purchase a new car. The newest technology and safety features tempt consumers to hold out for updated versions of their favorite models. The advancements made in preparation for the 2018 debuts aim to please even the most complex customer. The new safety designs are made with the distractions of modern drivers in mind. The addition of luxury features and smart technology make 2018 worth the wait.

Spa Day

Mercedes-Benz takes luxury to a new level this year. They are already known for taking the seat heating system past the basic design to include the arm rests. The new features allow drivers to feel like they are having a mini spa moment. Settings can be made for temperature, scent dispersal, and massage. Add in some custom lighting choices to enhance your mood. Mercedes-Benz goes out of the way to make drivers feel pampered, even on a short drive to work.

Semi-Autonomous Driving

Cadillac takes safety to a whole new level in 2018. If a driver becomes distracted or tired during a drive, the new safety monitors can sense the problem and correct the driving direction. This is accomplished by a system that notices when your head position changes to an unsafe angle. Cameras are installed in the steering wheel for this purpose. Changes that happen when a driver is falling asleep, looking at their phone, or dealing with kids are noticed immediately. Vocal alerts aim to get the driver’s eyes back on the road. Failure to respond alerts the semi-autonomous driving system to take over. The vehicle safely stops and assists with contacting emergency personnel. The Cadillac CT6 is an excellent choice for those with health issues. Should you fall unconscious, your car is set up to respond. Security on the road is priceless.

The Number One Truck

Ford is at the top of the consumer list with its ever-popular F-150 truck. Trucks are becoming more family friendly every year. Aside from updated aesthetics, the new Ford trucks are boasting some excellent safety features. The already sufficient cruise control has been modified to include quick stopping ability. This makes the F-150 easy to maneuver in high city traffic. Fuel efficiency is a major concern of large vehicles. Ford made some minor engine changes this year to make their best-selling truck more attractive to frugal drivers. The standard 3.5-liter V-6 has been replaced with a 3.3-liter engine. This small change conserves the popular horsepower advantage while keeping the gas bill low. These new changes are sure to keep the Ford F-150 at the top of the selling charts.


Kids are one of the biggest distractions when it comes to road trips. Parents turn around at inopportune times to check on babies and scold children. Honda is ready for the chaos that kids bring to the road in 2018. CabinWatch is the new feature inhabiting their Odyssey minivan. Strategically placed cameras and displays allow parents to check on their precious cargo without ever turning around. When it comes time to give instruction, the new communication system, CabinTalk, ensures that family members can talk in a conversational tone instead of yelling to be heard. Safety is the first thing to go when parents are frustrated kids in the car. Distracted driving often follows. Honda’s simple approach to parents on the road may save lives.

The new year brings exciting updates to a large variety of vehicles. The large population of drivers, especially in large cities, has increased the demand for sensory technology. The new cars can take over when humans fail behind the wheel. Parents are sure to be more at ease with the updates in family friendly vehicles, as well. New car purchases are looking up in 2018.

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Up and Coming Vehicle Features in 2018

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