The Company that Sends a Mechanic to You

Companies are constantly finding new ways to innovate in a changing industry. With the Internet of Things (IoT) changing the way people drive, find places, and even speak to one another, there is a need to stay relevant in the industry. Start-ups are especially playing a large role in how the industry is shaped. And that need is no more present than in the mechanics industry, which still has not seen the same rate of development as other parts of automotive development. That is where this genius idea comes in. This tech company has come up with a way to make getting a car fixed that much easier.

Cutting Down Travel Time

Getting to the mechanic can be frustrating for many people. Often times, a vehicle malfunction can come at the worst time. First, you have to find a reliable mechanic. This is not always easy, given how unreliable the Internet can be. Each person has a different experience. Secondly, actually getting to a mechanic can take time out of your day and can in some ways be impossible. That’s where Fiix comes in.

Fiix is a start up company devoted to making getting a mechanic to you easier. All you have to do is call the company or chat with them on their website. Then they send all of the correct parts and a mechanic right to your doorstep. There, problem solved!

Transparency and Clarity

For many people, it can be frustrating trying to figure out what is wrong with your car. Some mechanics add additional surplus charges and will let you know what is wrong with your car after they have already fixed it. This can leave customers trapped into buying things for a price they don’t agree with. Fiix prefers to deal with customers on the phone so that they can diagnose the problem from a distance. This way, all of the parts that are being sent correspond with the problem at hand, and you know what you are paying for. Generally, a mechanic will be at your house within 3 hours of when you place the car. They are also trying to get it down to an hour eventually.

General and Specialized Expertise

Fiix employs independent contractors to look at your vehicles. They can be general mechanics; working on any vehicle you have at home. Conversely, if you need someone specialized in a certain type of vehicle; they also have specialists on call. Some of them work with only foreign cars and will bring parts exclusively for those models. Many of these people are working mechanics in other dealerships, trying to make money on the side. It’s very similar to the way Uber has structured their business model, making it convenient and reliable.

Convenient Pricing (Without Sacrificing Quality)

Fiix has no overhead costs, meaning they can pay mechanics much more for what they do. This means that the cost to the consumer is much less than what you would pay at a regular mechanic. On average, they estimate that the savings to customers racks in at about 30%. Luckily they are able to do this in a way that does not sacrifice the overall integrity of the work done

What’s Next for Fiix

At the moment, Fiix is based out of Toronto but they hope to expand to other locations. Specifically, they are looking to get into the California market because of the amount of drivers in that state. Since they are based in Canada, they also offer free towing services to a shop in the event that snow keeps them from repairing your car at your house. This is a practical solution that they are able to do by renting spaces in local areas. It is unclear whether or not they hope to continue this tradition in warmer climates, but given the lack of cost incurred by the company’s current model, it might be worth it to look into. It is definitely sure to build up higher customer loyalty over time.

This company is a small start-up with big dreams for changing the industry. Khallil Mangalji, Zain Manji, and Arif Bhanki had the idea to submit a project for Y Contributor’s Winter 2017 contest. What started off as a fellowship application for a pitch-contest is now grossing in over $1 million in sales. It goes to show what hard work and ingenuity will bring in the industry. It is worth it to keep an eye on them as well as competitor start up, YourMechanic (which has a similar business model).

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The Company that Sends a Mechanic to You

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