Concept Cars and Future Vehicles

Over the course of the next 10 years, technology advancements in cars should make the last 30 look like practice for a real game. Between self-driving vehicles and other high-functioning features, cars today should be a thing of the past. Keep reading to learn what experts foresee future cars to encompass.



In the upcoming year, it is clear that autonomous driving could make its way into real existence in automobiles. With the demonstrations of this advanced technology systems made by Audi and some other brands, it is becoming closer to reality. Even though cars driving themselves have not come about, components of it are progressively making their way into autos. Manufacturers are marketing these innovative features as driver-assist functions, and they consist of the following: self-braking, lane merging assistance, and sensory and adaptive cruise control.

Since there are all of these advanced technologies, they should lead the path to achieve auto makers’ goal of self-driving vehicles. Some brands, such as Tesla, already have systems working towards autonomous driving. Tesla uses an autopilot system, which combines all these components to allow their cars to work somewhat autonomously. However, more tests and advancements need to get completed before drivers no longer need to stay in the driver’s seat.

Bosch works with auto manufacturers to create technology systems that communicate with road patterns and aid in technology. Bosch’s system, integrated with a stereo video camera system, works together to help drivers avoid traffic jams as well as avoid driving obstacles. Self-driving cars, with advanced technologies such as push power buttons and other features, are taking the world of driving to a whole new level of ease and progression.


Each year is projected to show major increases in car advancements. By 2021, technological developments should far surpass what people envision in the current market.

Within the next five years, owning a car that lacks internet access should be unimaginable for motorists. Likewise, the word “radio” should be a thing of the past with cloud-based music on the rise and accessible through basic voice commands.

Additionally, by 2021, the first manufactured and ready to sell autonomous vehicles should be on the market. Back in 2014, Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla, said he expects fully autonomous cars available within five to six years. Likewise, Ford, Google, and other businesses announced comparable predictions.

Even though the primary goal and concept behind self-driving cars is the elimination of accidents as well as enhancing relaxation and productivity of drivers, challenges remain. Perfecting cars’ communication with other autonomous and human-piloted cars on the road needs to get tested and addressed thoroughly.

The next five to six years should be enough time for manufacturers to run safety tests and improve all glitches to ensure the proper function of autonomous cars.


Go beyond 2021 and into the distant, yet attainable future of the year 2026, and a car’s projected capabilities should be infinite. Automakers such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz think that in the next 10 years, completely autonomous driving vehicles should be developed enough for everyday driving. Hopefully, by then all of the kinks and legalities that coincide with self-driving cars should be figured out.

For all of this to happen, cars must maneuver independently and without a hitch for all hands-off driving moments. Volvo, a brand known for its superiority in safety and innovation, continues to explore self-driving car technology. Volvo’s goal is to put these ideas to use in their Concept 26 design study.

Some of these ideas seem far-fetched, even by modern-day progressive standards, yet they still are projected to happen.

Final Words

Technology offered in cars to date never ceases to amaze and surprise motorists. What people view as innovative and astounding today, should seem outdated and obsolete with the coming years’ projected technologies. Time can only tell what futuristic capabilities autos industries could introduce that should surpass anything consumers could ever imagine.


Concept Cars and Future Vehicles

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