Dog Saves Family From Sure Death – And It Will Break Your Heart

Dogs are amazing creatures, but one pitbull was even better than your average dog. Once lost and alone at a shelter, a family adopted him. What they didn’t know was that they would be saved from dying by this dog.

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In a heroic story that can’t be missed, Milo the pitbull shows it’s possible for second chances. His family saved him from the shelter, and it was his turn to return the favor.

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Dogs Are the Best

There’s no doubt that dogs are the purest animals out there. They are always there for a good pet, and it’s easy to be cheered up the second you see their tail waggling. Anyone who has had a dog knows how great they truly are.

Dog Saves Family 1

No matter what kind of dog you have, they are amazing. While pitbulls get a bad reputation a lot of the time, this pitbull was going to be hailed as a true hero for what he did.

Adopting a Dog

Carrie and Dave Hansen decided that it was time to get a dog. They searched for puppies everywhere, but their hearts led them in a different direction. It wasn’t long before they started to consider a shelter dog.

Dog Saves Family 2

When they got to the shelter, they noticed an overwhelming theme. There were abandoned pitbulls everywhere. Since they didn’t believe that pitbulls were the bullies everyone made them out to be, they started to look at them.

Choosing the Right One

Going through the pitbulls wasn’t easy. There were a lot of them, but as they browsed, they were led to the one they needed. It was a cute dog that had been abandoned, so they named him Milo.

Dog Saves Family 3

Milo was a happy little pitbull that Carrie and Dave knew they could give a happy home to. They weren’t sure whether or not he was available, so they went back to the workers to find out if they could bring him home.

Saving Your Life

It turned out that Milo was available, and he was one of the dogs that hadn’t gotten much interest. There were a lot of pitbulls in the shelter, and if they couldn’t find homes for them, they would have to be euthanized.

Dog Saves Family 4

Carrie and Dave Hansen immediately worked to save Milo’s life. The cute dog was not going to be left alone in a shelter. They knew that he would have a happy home for Christmas.

Loving Milo

As soon as they brought Milo home, they knew he was a special dog. They loved him so much. Milo was a really good dog, and he never barked at strangers or when the doorbell rang. They really had chosen the best dog they could have!

Dog Saves Family 5

Milo would spend all day with the Hansens, no matter what it was they were doing. He was a very chill dog, so they could do anything they wanted with him. They truly loved Milo.

Out to Party

With the holiday season, Carrie and Dave went to a party at their relative’s house. It was a holiday party that they had a lot of fun at. However, they knew that all of the work at their house awaited them back home.

Dog Saves Family 6

They drove home to the town of Industrial Township. They hadn’t been too far from their home, so it didn’t take long. But, no one could have prepared them for what was going to happen that night.

Came Home Early

Because they aren’t big party people, Carrie and Dave came home pretty early. It was before 11 o’clock when they pulled up into their driveway. They were excited to get inside and see Milo.

Dog Saves Family 7

They got inside, said hello to Milo, and got ready for bed. That included looking around the house and making sure everything was turned off, locking up the house, and getting into bed. But, they made one critical error that would cost them everything.

Fell Asleep Early

Carrie and Dave both fell asleep early. After getting ready for bed, they fell asleep before midnight. Carrie fell asleep upstairs in the bedroom, but Dave fell asleep on the couch watching TV.

Dog Saves Family 8

They lived in a safe area on a good chunk of property, so they weren’t worried about anything that could happen to them. However, one thing would wake up Carrie and alert her that something was wrong.

Milo’s Strange Behavior

Carrie had only been asleep about an hour. As she was dreaming, she felt two paws hit her. She woke up and found that Milo had jumped up on her. He had never done that, but Carrie decided to ignore it.

Dog Saves Family 9

Sure, dogs sometimes exhibit strange behavior, but they are usually trying to tell you something. However, Carrie was tired and didn’t want to deal with Milo’s strange tactics that night.

Waking Up Carrie

Milo wouldn’t stop. He kept on jumping on Carrie. As much as she tried to ignore him, it was pretty hard to ignore a large pitbull jumping on you. She wanted to sleep, but she finally looked at Milo.

Dog Saves Family 10

There Milo was, just staring at Carrie like something was wrong. Carrie thought that maybe he needed to go to the bathroom. But, as she got up, she realized that something was seriously wrong.

Looking at Smoke

Carrie got up to tend to Milo, but she instead found that she was looking at some smoke. That was definitely cause for alarm, but no fire alarm had been sounding. The smoke was getting thicker, so she figured something must be on fire.

Dog Saves Family 11

Was the house on fire? When she realized that Dave wasn’t in the bed with her, it was time to act. There was no way that she was going to let something bad happen to either of them without trying to stop it.

Searching the House

Carrie went outside her bedroom, and she was greeted with more smoke. She figured that something was definitely on fire, so she needed to find where it was coming from. Carrie began to check all the different rooms.

Dog Saves Family 12

There was no way that this smoke was coming from nowhere. It was picking up and getting thicker again, and Carrie was beginning to worry. What could it possibly be? A fire is an extremely dangerous situation that she didn’t want to mess with.

Finding Nothing

From top to bottom, Carrie searched the house. She knew that Milo had wakened her up for a reason, but there was nothing out of order with the house. It was starting to really worry her, and she didn’t want it to get worse and them not be able to stop it.

Dog Saves Family 13

Despite double checking all the rooms and the kitchen, there was nothing to find. Carrie found Dave asleep on the couch, but even he wasn’t roused from sleep by anything unusual. Was she imagining it all?

Waking Up Dave

Carrie didn’t want to take a chance. It was time to wake up her husband. She woke up Dave and told him what happened. Dave was a very deep sleeper, so he didn’t even realize that she had gotten up and looked around the house.

Dog Saves Family 14

When he saw the look on Carrie’s face and how strange Milo was acting, Dave had a feeling. He knew that something was seriously wrong, and he wanted them to get out of the house before it had gotten any worse.

Smoke Everywhere

At this point, there was smoke everywhere. They tried to grab what they could, but the most important thing was themselves and Milo. There was no way they were leaving Milo behind. Even if it were nothing serious, they thought it was better to be safe than sorry.

Dog Saves Family 15

They were still trying to find the source of the smoke, but nothing was coming up. The most obvious places to check were the kitchen and the laundry room. Dave double checked these places to see if Carrie missed anything. She hadn’t.

Fire Hadn’t Started Yet

Dave kept on looking, but he didn’t find any fire. He finally realized that they could search all night long and not find anything. It was because the fire hadn’t started yet. He was ready to do everything he could to prevent the fire from starting.

Dog Saves Family 16

There was no fire in the house. That was a relief for both Dave and Carrie, but they weren’t out of the woods yet. After looking more, Dave finally found that there was actually a fire. But, it wasn’t what they thought.

In the Garage

As it turns out, the fire was actually in the garage of their house. Dave was devastated. He saw that the flames were already destroying the garage. The unfortunate part of this all was that he worried it would get to the house.

Dog Saves Family 17

Dave had Carrie watch Milo and call 911. He didn’t want the fire to spread anymore than it had. Would it be possible to stop the fire from happening? Dave wasn’t sure, but he knew that he had to try something to protect their home.

Dave’s Efforts to Stop

Dave did everything he could think of to try and stop the fire. He quickly grabbed the hose and started to water the flames. He tried to get the house wet so the flames wouldn’t take over the home. He used everything he had available to him.

Dog Saves Family 18

Unfortunately, he didn’t have much. Everything was inside, and it would be much too dangerous to try and go back inside to get things. Dave continued with his efforts with the water house.

Too Late

Unfortunately, Dave was just too late. He tried to help out until the fire department got there. Since he lived in a smaller town, he knew it would take longer for the fire department to get there and stop the flames.

Dog Saves Family 19

In the end, there was just nothing he could do. All of his efforts were being wasted because the fire was just too big. As much as he wanted to be the hero of the story, Dave was all out of ideas. It seemed that there would be nothing that would stop the horrific fire.

Watched as Home Fell

It was one of the saddest things that Dave and Carrie had ever seen. As the fire department was on their way to the house, Carrie and Dave watched as the house caught on fire. They saw the flames come from the garage and infringe upon their house without anything they could have done.

Dog Saves Family 20

It was a devastating moment for Dave and Carrie. While they were so thankful that Milo woke them up from the fire, they were heartbroken that they were going to lose their house completely.

Losing Everything

Because it was the middle of the night and there wasn’t time to grab anything, the Hansen family lost everything. They were watching as everything they had built went up in literal flames. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could have been done.

Dog Saves Family 21

They had lost their home and all of their belongings. All of the memories that the house held were gone in less than an hour. It was more than material possessions, they lost their whole life.

More Than a House

The house was more than a house. It held so many memories, but it was also the source of their money. Dave worked in the garage, and it was actually one of his tools that must have sparked the fire and hit uncovered wood.

Dog Saves Family 22

He lost his workplace and a lot of the money that would have come with that. Dave was hoping to expand what he did, but that wouldn’t be possible without the garage as his home base. He didn’t know how he was going to work, and that was very stressful.

The Huge Damages

Dave and Carrie weren’t incredibly well off, but their home was a big source of their money. All in all, the damages were estimated to be about $750,000. Their home, property, and all of their belongings were inside and now ruined.

Dog Saves Family 23

The damages were huge, and nothing would be able to replace everything that they had created in their home. Despite it being a lot of money, they also lost a part of themselves. All their photos and memories were gone as well.

Thankful to Milo

Dave and Carrie have both said that they were very thankful to Milo. Without Milo, they wouldn’t have survived! They are both extremely heavy sleepers, and Carrie and Dave said that they might not have been able to wake up to the fire alarms.

Dog Saves Family 24

Milo was a huge help in making sure that they got out safely. Without him, this could have been a much different story. But, it’s not over yet. Now that their house is gone, they have a lot they need to do with Milo.

Hope to Rebuild

Dave and Carrie are hoping to rebuild their home on their property. Of course, right now, the house is just smoldering ashes. The hope is that the property will be deemed safe and they can rebuild exactly like it was.

Dog Saves Family 25

Thankfully, they have home insurance that will cover the damages. While that cannot get the precious items back that they lost, it can get a lot of their belongings back. Plus, they can even buy new things. What will Dave do for money now that his garage is gone?

Finding Odd Jobs

It’s a small town, and word travels fast. The town is going to help Dave and Carrie, and they have always helped. Dave has made his money by doing odd and end jobs for the people that he knows in town.

Dog Saves Family 26

Now that his home is destroyed, he is going to have to find a lot more odd jobs to cover the cost of living while they rebuild their home. It’s not going to be easy, but they do have a positive outlook for it. Now, what will they do with Milo?

It’s Just Money

The most important thing is that there were no lives lost. Everything that they lost can mostly be replaced with money. Milo is the only one smiling right now, but he is a good dog who will be showered with love by Dave and Carrie.

Dog Saves Family 27

As they visited their property and saw all the ashes there, a few more tears spilled out. It was such a good home for them, and they were sad to see it go. But, Dave and Carrie have an important message for everyone their story reaches.

Pitbull Love

Had Dave and Carrie not gotten Milo, they could have been lost in the fire as well. This was a very serious situation, and having a dog helped them. A lot of people are scared to adopt pitbulls, but Milo has been nothing but a sweetie.

Dog Saves Family 28

Carrie and Dave want everyone to know that pitbulls are amazing dogs. While they are not often the first choice of dog to get, that should be reconsidered. Milo literally saved Carrie and Dave’s lives. Without him, where could they have been? Just remember…

Adopt More Dogs

Dogs are amazing, and a dog like Milo is priceless. You don’t have to get a small puppy to be happy. Whether you adopt a pitbull like Milo or another kind of dog, it’s important to remember to adopt!

Dog Saves Family 29

You can save a dog’s life, and they might just save yours in return. If you’ve been considering adopting a dog, Milo’s story is the sign that you need. Dogs are amazing creatures, so adopt one today and grow your family like Dave and Carrie did!

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Dog Saves Family From Sure Death – And It Will Break Your Heart

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