Driver Gets Strange Feeling About Boy On Bus. Then He Looks At His Feet And Sees It

Bus drivers are the unsung heroes of our cities and communities. They work tough shifts, they drive in some crazy weather conditions, and they often have some tough customers to please.


For one man, being a bus driver was a very important job. Even with the odd issue, he never felt like he would ever walk away from it. Until one day, when a strange passenger boarded. The bus driver didn’t know what was wrong …until he saw his feet.

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Bus Drivers

Bus drivers have to deal with some pretty crazy things. There are stories all over the internet about the inappropriate and sometimes downright disgusting things that people do while on board.

For some unlucky bus drivers, their unfortunate incidents are far worse than others. In 2008, one Greyhound bus driver witnessed a murder on his bus, that led to a standoff with police and a man being sent to a high-security mental health facility!

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Tim Watson

Tim Watson was a proud bus driver. He loved the routes he took, and he enjoyed talking to all of the people who boarded his bus every shift. For him, it was a job he was made for.

Tim had heard stories on the news about bus drivers who had been through some pretty terrifying things, but he never thought that something like that would happen to him. Tim was one of those bus drivers that people loved to ride with.

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Popular Guy

For the people who frequented the bus in Tim’s town, they had most certainly seen and spoken to Tim before. This bus driver wasn’t like others—Tim was friendly and loved to meet new people.

He would greet every person that came onto his bus, and he knew a lot of people by their first names! This was all just a part of who he was—he wanted people to have a positive experience, and that meant being interested in their lives.

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Sad Passenger

One afternoon, while Tim was on his regular route, a man and a child boarded his bus. Tim noted the two new passengers, and happily greeted them onto his bus.

The man was very quiet, but the child didn’t look happy at all. When the pair chose a spot on the bus, Tim could see in his mirror that the child was visibly upset. This wasn’t an odd thing; sometimes children didn’t enjoy riding the bus.

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A Different Emotion

Tim kept his eye on the sad boy. Sometimes he liked to talk to his passenger to cheer them up, and he wasn’t a stranger to making the younger generations crack a smile.

However, there was something about this boy that had Tim a little worried. He watched the boy intently and noted that he didn’t exactly look like he was upset or pouty. It was a different emotion that Tim was seeing, and it gave him chills.

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The more Tim watched this little boy, the more he began to be certain that what the child was feeling wasn’t sadness or a case of a bad day. Rather, he actually looked like he was in fear.

His eyes were wide, and he looked like he was absolutely terrified. Tim couldn’t be sure if he was afraid of riding the bus, or if this was something else entirely. He had tears in his eyes, and he was looking around with uncertainty.

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No Interest

Tim assumed that the man who was with the boy was his father. He now turned his attention to him, and was surprised to see that he had hardly any interest in soothing the boy’s fears.

He wondered if maybe this was a regular reaction for the child, and perhaps the father was used to the behavior. However, the man seemed distant from the boy, almost like he didn’t want anything to do with him. It was a terrible sight.

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Getting Worse

The situation didn’t get any better. If anything, it got worse! The further they drove on Tim’s route, the more upset the child became. And yet, the man still didn’t do anything to help him.

Tim began to try and think about ways that he could approach this situation. Should he leave them be and mind his own business? Or was there something that he could do in this situation that would make things better for everyone?

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A Scary Thought

As Tim was wracking his brain, he could see that other passengers were becoming a little uncomfortable. His thoughts traced back to his early morning routine that day and he froze.

He realized that he had heard something very disturbing on the news about a young boy. It seemed that a young boy had disappeared from a library just that morning, and his whereabouts were still unknown. But what else had they said?

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The radio announcer had offered some information about the young boy, provided to authorities by his parents. It included everything he had been wearing, and what he looked like.

Tim tried to remember what he was looking for. All that he could gather from his memory was that the boy was wearing a blue shirt, plaid shorts, and bright red crocks. He was pleasantly surprised that he had remember all of this.

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Questioning Everything

As soon as Tim began to seriously consider that this might be the missing boy, he started to question himself. Was he really going to accuse someone of stealing a child? That was crazy!

Tim couldn’t get this idea out of his head, though. If the boy and the man got off the bus anytime soon, he would certainly always wonder for the rest of his life if he could have saved a family from a lifetime of heartache.

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Oddly Enough

All of the thinking that Tim was doing was happening in split seconds. Now that he had this idea in his mind, he watched the boy even closer to see if his behaviour made sense with the idea.

He certainly looked afraid, and he didn’t look like he had any attachment to the man at all. Neither of them spoke. Tim had to do something; however, he didn’t want to mess this up. If the man suspected anything, he might run off with the child.

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Tim’s hands began to shake. He was nervous about this man, and he didn’t know if he would be dangerous or aggressive if he caught onto what Tim was doing. He tried to stay calm.

To help himself, Tim thought about his own children. He tried to imagine how it would feel if someone took them from him, and how the boy’s parents must be feeling right now. He knew that he had to take this chance.

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The Plan

Tim came up with a plan that wouldn’t raise suspicion …at least, he hoped it wouldn’t. He needed a way to get a good look at the boy without making it too obvious.

To do this, the friendly bus driver came up with the idea to pretend like he had to search for something on the bus. That way, he could make his way through the rows and look at each seat, including the one the boy was sitting in!

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An Announcement

The bus driver took out his microphone and spoke to the people on the bus. He explained that someone had just called and explained that they left their backpack on the bus only recently.

He told the passengers that he was going to pull over to do a quick check. He asked everyone to look under their seats or in the compartment above them in case it was there. Then, he took this time to get up and move along the rows of seats.

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Acting Cool

Tim acted as natural as possible. He didn’t dare even look at the man and the boy until he would finally make it to their row. He genuinely searched each row until he made his way to the pair.

He said hello, and looked around the seat. Although it was obvious that nothing was there, he took an extra second to do a once over of the young boy. He noted his outfit: A blue shirt, a plaid pair of shorts, and bright red crocs.

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Perhaps in some cases, children tend to look the same or wear similar items of clothing. However, Tim was now positive that this was the boy who had gone missing that morning.

The shirt and shorts could have been mistaken for someone else, but the unique shoes were the dead giveaway. The bright red color of the crocs was all the bus driver needed to see, to know that this was in fact the boy who was taken.

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Finishing the Act

Tim didn’t want to be a dead giveaway. He smiled at the pair and continued along the rows of the bus, pretending to look or ask about the backpack. At the end, he headed back to the front.

A huge weight of responsibility was on his shoulders. He didn’t want the man to get off of the bus too soon, so he quickly pulled out his phone and discreetly called 9-1-1. Luckily, the noise of the bus easily muffled his conversation.

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Reporting for Duty

Tim filled the police in on everything that was happening. He told them that he suspected one of his passengers to be the boy that went missing from the library earlier that morning.

The police advised the bus driver to follow his regular route, and to stop at the next bus stop as usual. When he did so, the police would be waiting for him. This was it. Tim did what he was told, and saw the cops as he approached.

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Tim pulled over to his stop. What the passengers couldn’t see was that there were cops stationed at the back and the front of the bus. They waited for their moment to pounce.

As soon as the regular civilians had gotten off the bus, the man also got off the bus with the boy in his arms. He was immediately surrounded by the authorities. The little boy was overwhelmed with fear, but he was in good hands now.

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The Missing Boy?

The boy and the man were walked off of the bus, and the man was taken away in a patrol car. The little boy was spoken to, and it was soon confirmed that this was indeed the stolen boy!

Tim couldn’t believe it. He had actually pulled this off! He was so overjoyed and relieved to know that all of this had gone down without anyone getting hurt, and without the perpetrator getting away!

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Tim was able to speak to the police after, and they confirmed that this was in fact a random abduction. This confirmation sent Tim into a very emotional response.

He thought about his own kids again, and how this could have been his own child who was at the library. The man had been at the library to randomly choose a child; he had no prior connection to the boy or to the family.

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All the Possibilities

A few days after the whole ordeal, the weight of his Tim’s actions and what he had been a part of were weighing on him. What had really happened was finally sinking in.

There were so many other things that could have happened. If he hadn’t have heard the news about this boy, he may never even have tried to stop the man. It was perfect timing that he heard the news before he made that last stop.

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Thankful Parents

As soon as the police confirmed that this was the missing boy, they were able to reach out and let the parents know that they had found him. This was one of the best phone calls they could make.

Tim shuddered to even think how these parents had been feeling all morning. Knowing that they were getting the best news in the world felt amazing to Tim, and he was so grateful that he had decided to take action.

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No Worries

The boy’s parents were so thankful towards Tim. They had no idea how they would ever be able to properly thank him. If he hadn’t done something they may have never seen their son again!

Of course, the friendly neighborhood bus driver waved off their wishes to repay him. He felt that he was simply doing what any good citizen would do; more importantly, he was doing what any good parent should do!

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Off to Jail

The most important thing was that the boy was able to get back safely to his family. However, Tim was also grateful that his plan allowed for the authorities to catch the perpetrator.

Had he gotten away, Tim shivers at the thought of what he would have done next. He probably would have headed off to another location and simply targeted another child. The man, named Edington, was arrested on a kidnapping charge.

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A Little Fame

After his brave act, Tim was recognized multiple times and interviews by all kinds of media outlets. He replayed his story many time, and each time he got goosebumps.

For a while, Tim was a bit of a celebrity in his town. People who knew him thanked him and asked all about the event, and people who didn’t know him now recognized him. It was nice how people who didn’t even know the boy were so grateful to him.

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Going Forward

Going forward, Tim was just as friendly and aware of his passengers as ever. He wasn’t going to change the way he did anything on his routes, except to always pay attention to the news!

This was still the job he loved, and he wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, Tim thought that it was fate that brought that man on his bus that day. Someone higher up knew that Tim would be the man to do the right thing.

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Trust Your Gut

Tim said that he was merely trusting his gut, and that it had been right! He advises others to trust their instincts as well, and to listen to those feelings even If they seem crazy or unorthodox.

Tim was later honored for his bravery. He was flown out to watch a San Jose Giants baseball game, and he was even invited to throw out the first pitch! Amidst all the praise, Tim stands by his actions and would do it again.

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Driver Gets Strange Feeling About Boy On Bus. Then He Looks At His Feet And Sees It

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