Five Automotive Trends to Watch for in 2018

With the new year approaching, car analysts are projecting 2018 to be a defining year for the auto industry. As technology is developing daily, innovative systems and trends are affecting all industries. The automotive industry has embraced many cyber technologies for the past several years and more for the upcoming year.

With each passing year comes new and improved innovative breakthroughs in technology that take the car industry to the next level of superior functioning and capabilities. 2018’s trends are predicted to revolutionize auto businesses. Continue reading to learn more about trends that could forever change the automotive world.

Trend 1: AR/VR for Automotive

Augmented reality for the automotive industry is a trend that is groundbreaking and can forever enhance the performance of cars throughout the industry. The primary benefit of augmented reality for automobiles is to help manufacturers design cars better. Furthermore, augmented reality is used to show all functionalities directly on the windshield in a heads-up display as if it were a virtual screen projector.

Some car brands, such as Volkswagen, have already launched virtual reality apps for their customers to simulate test drives without being physically in their vehicles.

Virtual reality is set to enhance car dealers’ sales. These emerging technologies can shift the way people buy cars. With AR technology, test drives can be done anywhere at any time!

Trend 2: Smart Cars with Drive Assist Technology

Google’s experimentation with self-driving cars has triggered autonomous driving’s popularity in discussions. In recent years, and for sure in upcoming years, people should finally see the buzz become a reality. Some manufacturers, such as Volvos and Tesla, are working on this technology. There is even speculation from reputable car experts that self-driving cars could be for sale within a year.

If this speculation becomes a reality, it can create major opportunities for customers worldwide. Advantages of self-driving cars should include:

  • Decreased collision rates caused by tiredness.
  • Increased productivity, since the car is doing the driving.
  • More driver interaction with passengers.

Autonomous vehicles could decrease insurance prices in the upcoming years. Fewer accidents lead to lower rates and premiums.

Trend 3: Hybrid and Electric Technology

Even though most automotive original equipment manufacturers have hybrid models, they have not always been an affordable option for everyone. The great news is that in 2018, hybrid models are predicted to a get to a lower price which makes them cost-effective to potential buyers. The younger generation is currently the driving force behind the automotive industry and technology advancements. These youthful buyers are why the price range and availability of hybrids and other eco-friendly vehicles is significant.

Trend 4: Blockchain

Counterfeit automotive parts’ recent increase in the automotive industry causes major challenges. A primary obstacle is an expanding number of people who are selling these illegal parts. Eliminating counterfeit parts ensures safer vehicles as well as lower prices of original parts to consumers. Blockchain is a technology to watch for in 2018. It is a system connected to sensors to identify and weed out fake parts. These smart devices help the following: the car manufacturer, the service center, and the customer. Blockchain has a digital infrastructure to recognize all spare parts as far back as their original manufacturer. Additionally, it can pinpoint the exact location and date of the part.

BlockChain can forever change the functionality of the automotive industry.

Trend 5: The Emergence of Crossover Vehicles

Debates over advantages and disadvantage of driving SUVs are common among bigger families. One argument is that they provide more space, which is advantageous for people traveling with multiple children at the same time. On the other hand, some people feel that SUVs are not as fuel efficient and can be awkward to drive. Luckily, a new hybrid model has broken through the market. These new vehicles are referred to as crossover automobiles. Crossover vehicles are a combination of SUVs and standard sedans. Each year, these models increase in popularity and sales. The upcoming 2018 could be an all-time high in sale numbers for the crossover.

From their form, functionality, and durability, crossovers could take over the SUV market by storm.

Final Words

Recently, there have been drastic changes in technological progressions in the automobile industry. In 2018, those changes are supposed to soar to an all-time high for all vehicles.

Now is as good a time as any to go digital. If you are invested in the automotive industry in any capacity, you must embrace technology. Incorporating any or all of these predicted automotive technology trends into a business in 2018 should boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

Whenever technology is used to decrease accident rates and increase efficiency, it is beneficial to everyone involved. 2018 could mark a year of the best automotive trends the car industry has ever experienced.


Five Automotive Trends to Watch for in 2018

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