Ford Fusion May Stop Production in North America

It was a smooth ride while it lasted. Ford Fusion sales have been dropping steadily over the years, and Ford Motor Company has taken notice. Car consumers have been changing their habits and steering away from the four-door sedan. Crossovers and SUVs are now becoming the top choice when buying a new or used vehicle. This has greatly affected Ford and more specifically the Ford Fusion.

History of the Fusion

The mid-size car was first introduced by Ford in 2005. It has a sleek design that has only improved over the years. This was one of the main reasons why it was so popular for so long. The four-door sedan can fit five passengers easily and now comes in a hybrid option.

When production started, the Fusion exceeded Ford’s expectations. Over 30,000 units were sold during its first quarter it was brought to the market. Three years later, it had become one of the top 10 best-selling cars in the United States. It had ridden that wave for nearly a decade.

Declining Fusion Sales

As a sign of the times, sales have slowed this past year. In 2017, Ford has sold far less Fusions each month than it did the previous year. September was the only exception. Even then, the Fusion only outsold the 2016 amount by 1,000 cars.

Although the car is still considered safe and dependable, its popularity has gotten lost in the rise of the larger vehicle. Younger drivers and families just prefer the space and convenience SUVs and crossovers have to offer. There have been rumors swirling around the industry suggesting the car maker is planning on stopping Fusion production.

A Final Push

In 2017, the Fusion underwent a facelift to try to boost lagging sales. The front and rear end styling were completely different than any previous model. It was also the first time a V6 engine was introduced into the line. Ford even introduced a luxury model for the luxury seeking consumer. All of this was a bid to reignite its popularity.

The newly styled Fusion Sport not only had the high-performance engine, but it also had other features that were meant to attract new consumers. This included high-end technology and a smart infotainment system meant to be competition to other top rival sedans. Unfortunately, this was not enough to gain more sales.

The U.S. Market Is Going to Be Impacted

Reliable sources have shared with various industry insiders that the Hermosillo, Mexico car plant where the Fusion is built for the U.S. market is planning on shutting down production soon.  A Ford executive has said in a leaked email that there are no plans to export the car from their Chinese plant into the U.S. or to move production to an American site.

Ford still plans on continuing production in China. This is also going to save the company about $500 million. Cost cutting has been a top priority of Ford as of late, so this is no surprise that the Fusion is on the cutting block.

The Future of the Fusion Is Unknown

While there are no immediate plans to replace the Fusion with a new model or even a brand-new car, that doesn’t mean there is not anything in the works. Ford plans on releasing its 2018 Fusion plans within the coming weeks, and right now anything should be considered.

The Ford Fusion had a great run and is thought to be a success in this ever-changing automotive industry. While its future remains up in the air for now, consumers can still buy the sedan into the coming new year. All we can do is await word on its fate in the coming months.


Ford Fusion May Stop Production in North America

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