Funniest Photos Ever Taken at an Airport

Airports are a great place to people watch. There is always something to look at, whether it is something confusing or hilarious. The pictures you are about to look at are just plain comical! They were taken at airports all over the world and captured a moment that is beyond humorous!

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These off-beat pictures are just what you need to make your day even better! You aren’t going to believe what some of these photos are showing, it is going to have your head spinning! Enjoy these epic shots. You are going to be laughing for hours after you are finished!

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Waiting on Nothing

This airport fail is a bit odd, don’t you think? Where are these passengers going to? The group of men wait in an orderly fashion for a plane that is either not coming or is very late! It is possible that they are all just doing a little bit of sight seeing at the airport, but this is taking that to another level!

Funniest Airport Photos 1

Some of these men are looking off in the distance at a plane that is just arriving. Maybe its next stop is where they are standing on the tarmac? This is a dangerous situation if they are kept waiting there for much longer. One wrong move, and they could be hit with a plane wing or something worse! Let’s hope their plane is making its way to them soon. These passengers may need to rebook their flight if they are left waiting much longer!

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You Are Being Watched

This airport is keeping an eye on everyone! They have installed so many cameras in one spot, there is no way anything is going to be missed! This is probably a little overkill. How many cameras are necessary to capture what goes on in one area? This airport must have had some shady dealings going on that prompted all these cameras!

If you look at each unit, you are soon going to notice that many of them are pointed towards the same spot. This definitely looks like a waste of resources. A few cameras could work just as well and make the pole look neater and tidier. Airport visitors who pass by this odd view must scratch their heads with wonder. If this is what it looks like here, it must be just as bed in other parts of the building!

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Fishy Baggage Claim

What a site to come upon in an airport! Someone has quite a sense of humor when flying. These pieces of luggage are wrapped in liners that look like jumbo sushi. It looks so lifelike, you may just want to take a bite out of one of them! Where can we purchase one of these things? More people should know about this, and go out and get them!

Funniest Airport Photos 3

The luggage is placed perfectly on the conveyor belt, so it looks like an actual revolving sushi bar. If we didn’t know any better, this could be a picture of some giant’s lunch! One look at the suitcases, and the majority of passerby are soon going to be in the mood for some sushi. Just don’t get it at the airport! That may be a decision you are soon going to regret for obvious reasons.

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No Passing

This grandmother has had it with airline travel! She is tired and doesn’t want to move another muscle. When she stepped on the conveyor belt, she took a stance right in the middle. She placed her bag on her feet and held on to the other side. In the meantime, the rest of the travelers are forced to wait to get off the belt.

Funniest Airport Photos 4

The traveler who managed to make it on the conveyor belt before her decided to take a picture of all those who are trapped. It is quite hilarious, and thankfully the others think so too. There is nothing that can be done, unless they willing to move the older woman to the side themselves! It doesn’t look like that is happening. The good thing about airport conveyor belts is that they end pretty quickly! They all just need to ride this one out for a little bit longer.

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A Long Wait

These airport passengers know they have a long wait ahead of them. Their plane was delayed, and it could be hours before they can get onboard. It happens to the majority of travelers at least once in their lives. Since they can’t go anywhere else, they are forced to make the best out of their annoying situation. They found two mats for comfort and set up shop!

Funniest Airport Photos 5

They didn’t stop there, either. The passengers wanted to take a nap, but the lights in the airport can be brutal. Instead of just closing their eyes and hoping for the best, they built a little shelter out of old cardboard boxes! It’s like having their private little airport suite! Once they are done with the box and mat, a new passenger can fill the spot. Airports always have delays, so this idea is sure to be a hit around the country!

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Down and Out

This picture captures the life of a traveler. These two are left so tired, they just had to take a nap wherever they could. Of course, airports aren’t known for having the best sleeping accommodations, so you have to make do with what you have.

Funniest Airport Photos 6

This couple decided to close their eyes for a few minutes on a waiting bench. We all know how uncomfortable those can be, so they have to be admired for their sleeping arrangement. The woman lies across the chair with her head place on her partner’s lap. The man has to sleep sitting up. He must have needed a place to rest his weary head, and there was no other choice but his mate’s body. Although they are sleeping now, once they wake up they may have a few kinks to get out before boarding their plane!

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Kids on a Leash

This mother is in for a wild ride! She is traveling solo on a long flight and has no way to wrangle her kids except for these leashes. However, even the leashes don’t seem to be working. This mom is definitely in need of some help. It doesn’t look like any other passengers are willing to help her out, though.

Funniest Airport Photos 7

She is probably having second thoughts about giving her kids that sugar cereal so early in the morning. Now, they have an incredible amount of energy to get out, and it doesn’t look to be waning any time soon. One child wants to run away, while the other took a face plant on the dirty floor. This mother is surely wishing for some sort of escape right about now. This not only looks chaotic, but it also looks quite painful for everyone involved!

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Too Tired to Move

When a boyfriend texted his girlfriend how her flight was going, she only responded with this picture. This about sums up how her day has been. The girlfriend had been traveling with their toddler for hours. When they were making their last le of the flight, they soon found out they weren’t going anywhere. Their plane was going to be delayed for a long time.

Funniest Airport Photos 8

It was already late in the evening when she heard the news. When she asked the airport employees when they were going to start boarding, they were told the plane wasn’t leaving until two in the morning! The little girl couldn’t handle the wait and had to go to sleep right away. Who is going to argue with her choice for a bed? Kids these age can sleep anywhere! Hopefully, she and her mom are going to be in a better situation in a few hours.

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Securing Baby

This flustered mom didn’t know where to put her baby when she was asked to take off her shoes. She was traveling by herself and didn’t have a carrier or stroller to place the child in. She felt she had no choice but to place the tot in a security bin while she quickly unlaced her sneakers.

Funniest Airport Photos 9

The baby doesn’t even seem to mind where she was being placed. It was like a new toy for her and distracts the baby just enough that the mother can do what is needed. The key though, is for the mom to take the tot before she slides under the x-ray machine. She and her child are not going to be as calm as they are now if that happens. That is going to be another security issue all together if that happens!

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Rolling in Style

This little girl doesn’t find airports so fun anymore. She has had it with air travel and just wishes she and her family were at their final destination. Spending hours walking here and there is just too much! The girl threw a tantrum and told her parents she didn’t want to walk anymore.

Funniest Airport Photos 10

Well, the parents had no other choice but to put her on their rolling luggage! They couldn’t miss their next flight, and their hands were too full to carry her down the long halls. The little girl didn’t mind being placed on the suitcase. It was actually something fun for a change! She didn’t move a muscle as she was whisked away to the next waiting area. Now that her legs are given a rest, hopefully the rest of her body is going to perk up. It’s no fun traveling with a whining child!

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Friends Forever

These two toddlers had never seen each other before. Their families weren’t friends, and they had only met seconds before this picture was shot! They saw each other from a distance and instantly had an insane connection. They ran for each other and started to hug!

Funniest Airport Photos 11

Their parents thought this was too precious not to capture and share with the world. They snapped away as the two tykes held each other closely. It was like they had known each other for years! Of course, that is impossible as they are both less than three-years old. However, they have a wisdom beyond their years. They know that if they find someone who really gets you, never let them go! The parents should exchange numbers, so the kids can get to know each other better! This looks like a great friendship in the works!

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King of Metal

Did this man plan this out, or is this all a coincidence? He is wearing a shirt declaring he is the King of Metal while waiting patiently to walk through an airport metal detector! This type of irony is purely hysterical! There is no doubt everyone is waiting to see what happens to him as he walks through the security lines. Does he get stopped for wearing metal, or does he breeze by?

Funniest Airport Photos 12

If someone declares this at an airport, they are just asking to be pulled out of the security line for a more up close and personal check. If he is late for his flight, he should have thought twice about wearing this t-shirt out to the airport. It’s too late now to change, and he has to deal with whatever cards are given to him! Good luck, King of Metal!

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Getting Some Rest

These men are all tuckered out. They have found some comfortable airport loungers and are going to take a nap for an hour or two. International traveling is hard for everyone, it seems! Unfortunately, there were only three chairs available, and one of the men had to sit on the metal bench and try to catch some shut eye.

Funniest Airport Photos 13

They all cover themselves with blankets and hope to get some rest despite the loud noises and bright lights. They need to be careful that they don’t fall asleep to hard, they may miss the call that their next plane is boarding! We have to cross our fingers that one of the men set their phone alarms to on so this doesn’t happen. One missed flight, and they are looking at an overnight stay in this stifling airport! That sounds like a nightmare!

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Personal X-Ray

This doesn’t even look legal! What on earth is this man doing in the security point x-ray machine? It appears that he hasn’t taken off his shoes or any metal off his body. He decided to just dive in head first onto the conveyor belt! The funny part about this, is that no one looks surprised at what he has done.

Funniest Airport Photos 14

One security agent is walking away, while other witnesses don’t even give this guy a second glance! What a bizarre situation! Maybe he forgot to take something valuable with him and got caught in the conveyor belt? That is the only reasonable explanation anyone could come up with. Those x-rays can harm him if he is kept in their too long. They need to stop the machine before he gets stuck in their for good! His wife is not going to be happy when she gets a look at this photo!

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Funniest Photos Ever Taken at an Airport

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