Guy Transforms Six Thousand Dollar Car Into A Lamborghini – The Results Are Amazing

Most of us have to work our entire lives to drive an expensive sport car, and even then, the price of the car may not even be close to what we would desire. However, a guy showed that even with a modest budget, you can have the car of your dreams.


It did, however, took him a long time to create it, but the end result is worthy of a medal! You have to be fascinated by this!

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The Beginning

A 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse was selected for this inspiring project. Its color was black, and the size of it was just right for what the master builder had in plan. He started with something small, but the end result was worthy of his skills.

Not many of us have this passion for cars or the skills to turn a car into something great. It takes a lot of patience but with the right mindset you are due to succeed.

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Wire By Wire

Alexander Stupkin had a dream but lacked the funds to purchase his fantasy car. He decided to take on the challenge, and build the car that he wanted to have since he was a kid, one piece at a time.

Alexander started with the front of the car, giving it a different bodywork, and making the skeleton that was about to sustain his masterpiece.

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Covering The Old

Alexander worked as a jeweler for most of his life. He grew up in Odessa, Ukraine and had a passion for cars since when he was young. When he was 30-years-old, he purchased an old Mitsubishi Eclipse and he was ready to give it a proper makeover.

He didn’t have much, just a few pieces of steel and metal and a whole lot of friends to help him in times of need.

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From The Front

As a jeweler, Alexander developed an important skill that helped him with his task and that was patience. The whole project took two years so nobody was rushing him to finish the car anytime soon.

Waking up every day to work on his car was a pleasure for him. He worked in his spare time, a few hours per day after he came home from work. Of course this didn’t stop him from enjoying life or from following his dream cars online.

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Metal By Metal

Alexander was putting everything together metal by metal. He didn’t really have a background in mechanics, but that didn’t stop him to learn and to make his car the perfect jewel. He welded day and night to get it done.

For some people this passion may not be so deep. I don’t know how many of us would set some time aside to pursue a passion. Or who knows, maybe our time hasn’t come just yet?

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Every Piece At A Time

As he was working on the car, he took all necessary precautions to keep it safe. And he had some health and safety instructions of his own. He didn’t weld without a mask, he wore gloves and did his work in a contained environment.

His friends appreciated his dedication and they were always dropping by to see how things have progressed. Everyone was ready to lend a hand if needed and Alexander couldn’t feel any pressure from them.

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Sealing It Tightly

Alexander didn’t want to miss a thing. He took his time and sealed the car inch by inch, he was giving it all he could, but as a master jeweler he had principals.

If you created jewels all your life and you praise yourself with important treasures that were hand built by you, you cannot make a joke out of your new work. Even though it was an old car, you are about to turn it into the most valuable possession on the planet.

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Until It Took Shape

Sweaty night have passed and the front of the car finally looked like the Lamborghini of his dreams. Not too many people manage to bring an old car in a state like this, so Alexander grew proud of himself.

He started to take pictures of his progress and posted everything online for his friends to see. They were captivated by his passion and dedication and this inspired them to pursue projects of their own.

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Altering The Sides

Alexander had to give the car the aerodynamics needed to become a proper Lamborghini. I can only imagine him at a young age, playing car games on his PC, while “Riders on the storm” plays in the background.

Presumably he spent all his time in the menu area, building the perfect car to take it for a spin. But now, his dream was becoming a reality, and a $6,000 car was turning into a $2 million one.

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Making His Way To The Back

The skeleton of the car was fixed at the front and sides, so Alexander was making his way to the back. For the time being it was nothing but steel wires and a rusty car base to work on, but he couldn’t care less about what was within.

The foundation is very important when you try to make something out of it. You wouldn’t want your car to crumble from the weight of the metal parts that were slowly integrated in the new design.

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A Complete New Look

The Mitsubishi on the name plate would soon be obsolete. The truck was slowly starting to look like a Lamborghini and Alexander couldn’t wait for the final product. But at this time, he was far from it. He didn’t however give up for one second.

He had metal parts of his one, but there were a few things that couldn’t be built at home. Alexander had to order custom windows, lights and a few other parts that were crucial for the replica to work.

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The Custom Doors

You cannot have a Lamborghini without doors that open up upwards. Most people call them Lamborghini doors even if other cars have implemented this in their design. So when Alexander fitted the doors, the car was indeed looking like a true Reventon.

He also fitted the custom hood and was polishing the metal on the car at the bumpy edges. It wasn’t long now until he was able to drive it.

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The Front Was Looking Good

After a few good months, the front was finally looking amazing. The headlights were missing, but the shapes were there, ready to integrate the small features that all Lamborghinis have.

As I look at this Lamborghini being built in front of me, I think about the necessary mindset that Alexander had to have, in order to take this project to an end. All the little details that a Lamborghini had, Alexander needed to think them through.

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A Bit Of Polishing

The body was almost done and Alexander got more and more excited. He was however aware that most pieces will be custom made or ordered from a Lamborghini dealership.

Alexander had to consider the size of the pieces and their price before he designed the holes that fitted them. A Lamborghini has a lot of parts so it wasn’t easy to put everything on paper. But I think that Alexander did a great job!

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Side Lights

The sidelights came first and Alexander was ready to integrate them. He already left a triangle shape hole near the wheels a while back, and he just waited for the part to arrive. He only had to connect the wiring from the old car and make this new light functional.

It didn’t take him long to fit the sidelight and when the car was finished, he could count on his sidelights for pointing him to the right direction.

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The Headlights

The most important thing that you need to use on the road, especially during the night, is your headlights. You can’t always count on the sunlight to light your way, so sometimes you have to rely on the piece of equipment that you’ve fitted in your car.

The headlights were looking good and Alexander had to double check everything before he could take this bad boy for a ride.

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Double Checks

The car was almost ready to be taken for a test drive. Alexander looked at the design and saw that a few things needed a proper polish and even a paint job. However, he first needed to make sure that the metal stays on, and for that he had to take the car for a drive.

Before he did that, he had to double check everything and ask for opinions to make sure that he didn’t miss anything.

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The Audience

His care was already building an audience. He invited his friends, which in turn they invited their friends, and everyone was admiring the car. They also advised Alexander if everything looked good and if it needed a change or two.

But the car was in top shape. The headlights worked well, the doors were fitted properly and the metal was not that noticeable. So it was time to go for a test drive!

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Gas Check

Alexander noticed that everything is fine when he performed the car checks, however, there was always a light on that drew his attention. The Gas light was flashing since when he started, and it’s been more than a year since he took the car for a drive.

He filled the tank and took the car for a short drive before the makeover that it actually needed. But painted or not, the car drew a lot of attention.

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Doors Up!

His precious jewel was now ready for a new paint job. The body kit was adjusted, polished, and ready to take on a spray. The windows were covered and the doors were up in the air. He didn’t even have to call a guy, since Alexander did most of the work himself.

It’s amazing to know how much you can achieve with YouTube videos, so Alexander took advantage of this new asset in his life and managed to do a proper paint job.

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First Glance

When the foil was removed, the car looked nothing like the Mitsubishi Eclipse that Alexander started with. It was a Lamborghini Reventon and nobody could deny it from the distance. There were however a few more changes to implement and Alexander had the patience to do so.

The new change was more than noticeable and the owner couldn’t wait to show it to all his friends. The people in the garage that he worked in, already praised him for his achievement.

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The Beauty

Freshly out of the oven the car looked absolutely amazing. It was the type of car that you can show your friends and family, without even specifying that it started out as a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Personally, I would enjoy driving this on the streets and bragging about the actual price of a Lamborghini and its background. But I wouldn’t tell anyone about the actual car until people acknowledge it as being legit.

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Futuristic Taillights

The back of the car looked astonishing and Alexander bought taillights to fit this car perfectly. The way they looked seemed like robot eyes that came from the future to look back at the beauty of the car.

It reminds me of the Transformers Films and I would expect this car to transform into a robot at any time. I wonder if Alexander has the skills or the patience to make that happen, are there any YouTube videos for that?

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The Wheels

You cannot have a Lamborghini without adequate rims so that was the final step in Alexander’s agenda. Not only that he bought some worthy of a sports car, but he also gave them a paint job and fitted them on the car.

Now it was time for him to relax and enjoy the view. The sight of his new car brought him a lot of joy and he couldn’t believe what he accomplished.

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The Beast

A true force of nature and a grey beast to look out for, the Lamborghini was now complete. It didn’t show any signs of previous alterations on the outside, but once you drove it, you could feel the power of a Mitsubishi.

That didn’t trouble Alexander at all. He had a big plan for his new creation and he was about to take the car on the trip of a lifetime.

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Show And Tell

Alexander didn’t want to keep the car for himself as his prize jewel, although let’s be honest, this car needs to be kept in a museum on display.

The dedicated man wanted to put it out there, and show the world what he was able to do. When it came to old car shows, no one expected a Lamborghini to pop-by. So Alexander was about to tell everyone how long his project took.

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The Time

As Alexander was going from competition to competition, he kept sharing his story with people from all over the world. He told everyone that his car took roughly 2 years to be completed, and that drawn the attention of all major websites and news channels.

His story spread online and everyone wanted to see his car with their own eyes. Wherever Alexander went, people were gathering to take photos and to ask him about this amazing project that he had brought to an end.

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The Thrill

As Alexander was talking, he couldn’t help but tell people about the competitions that he’s won during this time. He got a lot of prizes from it, and surely enough, he was making the money that he invested in the car.

In no time, he was making a legend out of himself and he was getting the attention that he wanted. From a jeweler to a car tuner, nobody expected his success to be this huge.

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Staying Strong

Alexander was winning competition after competition. The appraisals and diplomas that he received made him so famous that everyone knew his name.

I guess that it takes time to receive positive feedback for your work and now Alexander was getting plenty of it. I imagine that people were contacting him for promotions, for tuning deals and for TV shows that were probably in development.
But there was one thing that Alexander couldn’t get enough of!

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The Ladies!

Alexander had a lot of fans and the ladies from the conventions kept gathering around his car. He was lucky to have such a jewel that could be presented to everyone and capture the eyes of any man or woman.

His job paid off, and he didn’t look back once to complain about this two years project that brought his success. Would you dedicate your time to get what you deserve? If so, share this article with your friends!

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Guy Transforms Six Thousand Dollar Car Into A Lamborghini – The Results Are Amazing

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