Husband Continues to Come Home Late, But His Wife Finally Realizes Why When She Does His Laundry

When a couple gets married, there is always the hope that it will last forever. Of course, that isn’t always the case. For one couple, they were certain they were soulmates.


It wasn’t until they were married with a child, that the young wife started to become suspicious. Her husband was coming home late, and she didn’t know what to do. When she did a load of her husband’s laundry, she finally understood what he had been up to without her realizing it.

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Jonna was a bright and confident girl from the moment she began to talk. She was born and raised in Indiana, in a small town where everyone knew everyone.

People could hear Jonna coming from a mile away; she often described herself as “as a small-town Indiana girl with a big mouth.” Her town was so small, and there wasn’t much for kids to do. However, Jonna always made sure to entertain with her bad jokes and loud stories.

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Embracing Herself

Jonna took pride in her ability to put her sarcastic humor to good use. She was a very blunt woman, who would tell it like she saw it, just to get a laugh.

As she got older, Jonna saw an opportunity in her personality. With personal blogging and videos becoming more of a thing, the young woman wanted to share her comedic views with the world. Jonna put together a website and started sharing her unique content.

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The Blunt Blonde

Jonna began to gain quite a following on her social media outlets. She was better known to the world as “The Blunt Blonde”, and she alerted people to her style right away.

On her Twitter feed, Jonna explains that, ‘People think I’m always joking, but I’m not. I’m genuinely an unpleasant person and hate everyone equally.’ To reiterate her point, Jonna’s blog says, ‘If you haven’t caught on, I am fluent in English and Sarcasm.’

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Real Talk

Most of the people who follow Jonna’s social media share the same kind of humor that she does. A lot of people comment about how much they can relate to her stories, which pushes her to keep going.

Those who know Jonna had some pretty specific ideas about what her future would look like. Many pictured her being some sort of broadcaster, or perhaps a comedian. Certainly, they pictured her marrying someone who was just like her.

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In her early twenties, Jonna was introduced to a young man named David. When the two first met, no one really thought that anything magical was going to happen.

That was likely because David and Jonna had very different lives, and very different outlooks on the world. You see, David had been raised in an Amish community, within a Swiss-German religious sect. The style of living David was used to was a far cry from Jonna’s.

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The Simple Life

In David’s world, it was all about the simple things. His family owned a horse-drawn buggy instead of a car, and they rejected the idea of using modern technology.

In comparison, Jonna was living in the fast-forward world of today, where fast cars and religious freedom were the name of the game. While David didn’t know how to even use Google, Jonna was using it every day to spread her sarcasm across the world.

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Just Friends

Because of their harsh differences both in lifestyle and personality, no one ever thought that something could spark between Jonna and David.

However, it seemed as though the opposites attracted right away. It may have been their stark differences that actually attracted them to one another, and they started dating right away! Everyone was shocked, except the loving pair. They were head-over-heels! The pair began to learn so many new things thanks to their new partners.

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Learning Amish

Before she met David, Jonna had no idea what it meant to be Amish. All she knew was that they made amazing donuts that she loved to buy at the local market.

The more that Jonna and David saw one another, the more the blogger had to write about. The material was just too good to pass up—she loved writing all about the mistakes she was making and poorly she was failing at being a good Amish girlfriend.

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Young Love

Apart from their very different lifestyles, Jonna and David seemed perfect for one another. Jonna did all the talking, while David liked to sit back and blend into the background.

The pair began dating in October of 2012, but things quickly took a serious turn about a year later. David had the feeling that Jonna was something special, and he wanted her to be his partner for life. The hard-working man set out to find a ring that was perfect for Jonna.

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The following year, Jonna and David were attending a huge family event for Thanksgiving. Everyone was together, but David took a moment to ask everyone to gather around him.

With Jonna standing nearby, David explained how great the last year had been and how happy he was with Jonna. Then, in front of their family members, he got down on one knee! Jonna was completely surprised, but she naturally said yes right away.

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Much to Celebrate

The happy couple had so much to celebrate that day. Not only were they now engaged, but Jonna was also 6 months pregnant! Soon, they’d be welcoming a baby girl.

In February 2014, Jonna and David welcomed Delanie into the world. The little girl was confident and brave, just like her mother. When the little girl was just over a year old, she was able to attend her parents wedding in May 2015!

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The Happy Family

After they were married, a normal life began for the family of three. David was working full time at an RV dealership, while Jonna was a stay-at-home mom.

Things were working out quite well for the family. David liked his job, and Jonna was happy to be able to spend so much time with their daughter. Whenever she had a free moment, the new mother would jump on her laptop and write a new blog.

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For the first little while, this new lifestyle seemed to suit Jonna perfectly. David was bringing in the money, while Jonna was responsible for taking care of the baby and the home.

It seemed like it was the perfect life, but some days were harder than others. Jonna often felt like she was very lonely in their new home, always having to stay in with the baby and miss out on fun things. She also missed the more care-free days where she saw David as much as she wanted.

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Late Nights

Jonna was beginning to notice how much she was struggling in her everyday life. As an outlet, Jonna often turned to her blog to tell her followers about what was going on.

In some posts, she would rant about her husband working long hours and never being home on time. There were many moments when she would have to remind herself that her husband would rather be at home then at work; she had to put things into perspective.

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Prince Charming

Jonna was always very honest with her readers, and she always opened up about the true things she was thinking about. A lot of the time, her thoughts trailed to Prince Charming.

In her mind, Prince Charming would always be home for dinner, and he would always find time to sweep his princess off her feet. Instead, David was often coming home late, smelling of gas and complaining of cracked hands. It was not at all what Jonna had imagined.

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Not a Good Place

Jonna found herself putting David in a lose-lose situation whenever he got home. If he worked too late, she was upset, and if he didn’t work enough, she was upset.

It came to the point that whenever David was about to come home, Jonna was already thinking about something she was going to nag her husband about. If she thought about it long enough, she would be completely enraged by the time he got home.

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Tough Wife

The young mother was becoming a very hard wife to please. David always knew that when it was time to go home, there would be something that he was going to be in trouble for.

Jonna had turned into a nagging wife, who understood little about what she was really angry about. She either wanted more attention, or she wanted David to be working more. The stress of being alone all the time was weighing down and stressing Jonna out; not to mention, her poor husband!

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Long Hours

Jonna couldn’t help herself; anytime that David worked long hours, she wondered if he really was still at work. She had been so hard on him lately …could he be spending his time somewhere else?

In reality, Jonna couldn’t blame him for not wanting to come home. Instead of being greeted by a grateful wife, he was greeted by a fight every time. The woman began to get suspicious about David’s whereabouts. Was he always where he said he was?

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Another Night

It was another night at home. Jonna was playing with her daughter on the floor, thinking about the next thing she was going to argue about with David.

It had become a routine for the pair; David was struggling to understand how he was supposed to help his wife. As he suspected, she was at home angry again. Fortunately, she had something to take her mind off of everything when she heard the laundry turn off.

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Jonna began pulling all of the clothes out from the laundry machine. She had other things on her mind at the time, and she hardly had to think anymore when she did the laundry.

She pulled out all of David’s clothes, angrily thinking about how late it was and why he wasn’t home yet. Luckily, laundry was such a second-nature task that it worked to calm her slightly. She began separating the clothing, between her things and David’s things.

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Something Different

Jonna went through all of the clothes, figuring out whose things were whose and folding them neatly into piles. When it was all said and done, Jonna prepared to bring the clothes to the bedroom.

It was then that she noticed it …something about her husband’s clothes that she hadn’t noticed before. When it finally caught her eye, she had to take in a sharp breath. How had she not noticed this before?

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Mine and Yours

Jonna stood back and looked at the separate piles. She looked at her pile of clothing, a high stack of neatly folded, designer clothing. Everything was bright and new, as she liked it.

Then, she looked at David’s clothes. It was a shorter pile to be sure, and all of the clothing looked like it had been worn for years on end. The colors were fading, the materials were thinning. The two piles were complete opposites of one another.

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At the exact moment, Jonna felt a serious guilt for the way she had been acting the last couple of months. When she looked at the clothes in front of her now, she made a huge realization.

David was away from the home for long hours, and Jonna had been considering that he was out with friends, or possibly cheating. Why else would he always be so late? Looking at his tattered and old clothes now, she realized the truth.

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All for Her

The angry wife had just realized how nice and new her clothing looked, in comparison to her husbands’. David had been wearing the same clothes for years on end, without complaint.

On the other hand, Jonna had always made it known when she was ready for new clothes. She liked to have new things, and she enjoyed wearing brand names. David wasn’t anything like Jonna, so he was more than happy to keep wearing the same, simple things.

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Happy Wife

Jonna couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed the difference before. While David was the one bringing in all the money, Jonna was the one spending it!

Naturally, David was such a good husband that he didn’t complain about this at all. Whenever Jonna wanted something, he let her buy it without a word. All of the hard hours he was working were simply to provide for his family. Jonna’s realization hit her hard.

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A Realization

It wasn’t long after Jonna’s realization that she headed to her blog to talk about it. She explained that she had been so worried that her and her husband had totally skipped the “honeymoon phase”.

She wondered why he wasn’t wanting to spend time with her; wasn’t his new bride good enough for him? She had been all kinds of self-conscious, so much so that she was missing out on the amazing thing that was happening right in front of her.

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Our Home

Jonna looked around her home and realized that all of the things she had wanted came to her because of David. The man had been putting in the extra time, just to make sure she had the things she dreamed of in her home.

It wasn’t just nice clothes; it was a new couch, things for their daughter, fancy dinners, and more. The house they had made a home only happened because David was working so hard to make it all a reality.

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Being Honest

After seeing how her husband was living in comparison to his wife, Jonna was overwhelmed with the grief of it all. She was actually so incredibly lucky to have that man beside her.

All of the things she and her daughter needed were provided to them, and rarely did David ever say no. In her solitude, Jonna had been adopting a very selfish approach to their new life, when really her husband was doing everything he could to make her happy.

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Thank You

When David got home that night, things were catastrophically different than they had been for so many nights before. Jonna explained all about the epiphany she had experienced.

She apologized to her husband for her erratic behavior and thanked him over and over for the things he was doing for their family. It was a huge relief to have his favorite girl back with him again; and now, Jonna could resume the fun, sarcastic blogs her fans so missed.

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Husband Continues to Come Home Late, But His Wife Finally Realizes Why When She Does His Laundry

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