Introducing the U.S. To the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is made just for families. It is the German offering of a large SUV complete with amazing features and upgrades. The vehicle seats seven and has been long-awaited by many Volkswagen fans.

When the Atlas first hits the roads early next year, expect it to compete with the big dogs. The Ford Explorer and Chevy Traverse are just some of the rival names that come to mind when looking at this brand-new model. The Atlas is a force to be reckoned with, and those who are interested in purchasing this brand new are in for a real treat.

The Overall Impression

At first glance, the Volkswagen Atlas does not ruffle any feathers. It is made to blend in with the SUV crowd, not stand out. It is a big car and boxy at that. It does have a signature Volkswagen look and upon closer inspection looks more European than any other SUV out there. If you are a German car enthusiast, check this one out.

If you are looking for smooth lines and nothing too flashy, this may be the look for you. This vehicle is key to Volkswagen’s success when it comes to SUVs and crossovers in the American market. It is exciting to see what it is going to do in 2018.

Appearances Are Everything

The Atlas is a big car made for even bigger families. The exterior trim work is minimal and keeps the SUV from looking too cluttered. There is keyless entry and ignition that makes starting up the car a breeze. The four-door car is easy to access at all angles, including the rear.

In addition, the LED headlights come standard with all packages. Roof rails are also provided for extra storage. The car does have the option to have a sunroof, but it is only available in the premium models. There is nothing missing in even the basic Atlas package. It is a great looking car at all sides.

The Interior Is Stocked Full of Goodies

Just like the exterior, the interior does not disappoint. Inside is definitely made for families. There are three rows of seating that allow ample space and storage. Adults can fit in all rows with enough room to spare.

The inside is also kept tidy. For the driver, all the controls that are needed for a comfortable drive are kept within a reasonable reach. Cup holders are plenty here too. There are 17 holders to satisfy your thirsty family! A first of its kind.

There Is a Lot to Love

There are more fun toys inside. The infotainment system is touchscreen and easy to use. If you are not so technologically savvy, don’t fret. Everything is straight forward in the Atlas. The controls take minutes to figure out, and once you do your driving experience is taken up a notch.

Heated and cooled seats are optional but come in handy for those who live in extreme climates. There is also a two-zone manual climate control. This allows the driver and passengers to feel comfortable at all times. There is even a three-zone option should you feel it is necessary.

Plenty of head space and foot room cap the interior off. The durable inside is great for families with children or adults who have rough hands. This car was built to last.

Taking It for a Spin

Although the exterior of the Volkswagen Atlas is boxy, the driving is anything but. Once you take the SUV on the road, you are handling a smooth ride from start to finish. The car handles the highway and local roads with ease.

Fuel-efficiency is not as great as some of its competition, but it still holds its own. On the highway it is about 25 mpg, while in the city it is around 20 mpg. So, nothing extraordinary, but you have to remember it is a large vehicle.

Enjoy the Ride

Acceleration is steady, and the engine is quiet which is a surprise for the big vehicle. When you are inside the cabin, there is no outside noise seeping in, and you can enjoy a confident ride no matter how long your trip is.

Remember, this is not meant to be a powerful or sporty vehicle. Instead, it is a practical model that gets you to your destination safely and in comfort. The V-6 engine is just enough to give the Atlas control on the road. There is no shaking or jumping as the car picks up speed. You are guaranteed a pleasant drive.

The Atlas is a car meant for those who need space. It is a great first attempt by Volkswagen to enter into the large SUV market. When you take this car for a test drive, you are going to be left satisfied with all that is presented in front of you.


Introducing the U.S. To the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

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