Kitten Destroys Its Owner’s Earphones but Returns With a Biting Replacement!

Having a cat is huge responsibility that will make some owners re-think their life. Their daily routine change, the responsibility increases and somewhere along the way you have to add cleaning after your cat and buying pet food on your agenda.


But what happens if your cat is constantly up to no good and you slowly start to lose your patience? Well the owner of this cat simply lost it after a mischievous deed and the unexpectable happened.

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It Happened In Indonesia

A wonderful country set on the invisible equator line, where over 700 languages are spoken, and where 264 million people reside. It is filled with riches and lost history that awoke, and it is now keen to allow new explores to step foot on its territory.
In a sunny afternoon, an event was about to happened that will put Indonesia back on the map, and make people turn their heads into its direction.

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The Owner

Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani lives in Indonesia, and has been living there all his life. He spends a quiet life away from the crowded cities and from time to time he loves to go for a picnic in the woods with his friends.
Haryanto found a place to recharge himself, and this is what we should all do. A sanctuary away from the city life, is a must in everyone’s life, and they should attempt to get away from time to time.

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A Regular Boy

Haryanto is just a regular man who loves to dress fancy. He takes care of his appearance and he wants to show the world that he is more than just a number, and came out showing a bit of style.
It won’t surprise me if he will become the next top model of Indonesia, but for the time –being, he has something else in mind.

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The Usual

Some people have an active life, but at the end of the day, most of us enjoy spending time at home and watching out favorite series. Haryanto is exactly the same and could spend hours in front of his TV, watching his favorite shows.
Game of Thrones is one of them and he managed to reach the final season with patience and with a raise in expectations.

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Music Is Life

Haryanto knows that music if the beat of life. Wherever he may go, he listens to his favorite songs and that keeps him going forward with his head up and with a smile on his face.
We are not doing this 24/7, but when we do, we find music as an escape from the world, and see the world in a different vibe, as we are walking through life with our headphones on.

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A Cat

Haryanto shares his home with a lovely furry creature. A loving cat is always by his side, playing and purring in his arms, while Haryanto goes about his daily chores.
It’s a great responsibility for Haryanto but at the end of the day, a cat is easier to take care of than a dog. They often wash themselves, beg for food and last longer in a contained environment than a dog. However, in Indonesia, the cat was free to go wherever he pleased.

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A Youngling

The cat was almost 8-months old, filled with energy and ready to cause trouble. He was playful most of the time, sleeping just a few hours during the day and a couple of minutes during the night. Haryanto encountered challenging times but he was willing to give it all he had.
The thing is that the cat was also very smart, so whatever he did, he made sure to cover his tracks and to not make his owner too mad at him.

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Just A Standard Cat

The cat was just your regular tom-cat, filled with energy and very playful. He ran after birds, pieces of proper, even around its own tail just for the fun of it. Haryanto loved his cat, and enjoyed to play with him all day.
He was also startled during the night when his cat came out of nowhere just to jump on his leg. Overall, the cat was the life of the house and it was good to have him around.

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A Cat Is A Cat

You cannot keep a cat from doing cat-like things, so sometimes you will have to expect a vase to be broken or a bird to miraculously appear inside your home. If you are a cat owner, you know what I mean.

Anything that is shiny, moving or breakable is a target for a cat and Haryanto’s cat wasn’t staying away from them. Of course, doing things like this, put the cat on the map and Haryanto started to see his behavior.

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The Enemy

The cat was meowing all day and playing all night, while often crashing things to the ground. Besides having a good side, he was also putting out some dangerous vibes. Like the time when you put your hand out to pet the cat but it bites back?
I am sure that you are aware of the risks, but having a cat will give you the fun, drama and excitement that you need in your life.

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Trouble Was Coming

On a sunny afternoon Haryanto and his cat was enjoying a relaxing day in the comfort of their home. They were listening to some music and contemplating on their next game, while out of the sudden, something that was about to bring tears to the house.

Although sometimes tears are caused by the police when they throw tear gas inside a home when conducting a raid, this time it was something worse than that.

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A Pack Of Dogs?

I don’t know how safe Indonesia is when it comes to wild animals, but what I know is that the cat was up to no good and sometimes the cat may have made a few enemies. The troubles were all around her and now they were coming back to hunt her.
Haryanto wasn’t prepare for dogs and luckily, the cat didn’t wonder far enough to make enemies. Nobody came to hurt him in particular, but trouble was still on its way!

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A Bunch Of Alee Cats

Often in your neighborhood you find cats that are ready to jump at you if you make a sudden move. Haryanto’s cat was always playing and meowing, that it may have agitated a few nearby spirits.

The cat was known for pushing buttons and it was time to push the ones that he cared the most for. You won’t believe what Haryanto did to it after it happened!

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His Owner Was About To Get Mad

Haryanto doesn’t usually get mad but every man has its limits and every button sends a signal to the appropriate part. Now he was about to get a red alert signal throughout his body. He didn’t expect it to come so soon, but indeed it did.

Anger is just a normal human behavior but it has to be diverted to the right place. If you throw this around you, your friends and loved ones will suffer the most.

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Something That Was Normal

A cat will always upset his master but this time Haryanto was about to get enraged. The cat acted like this before and Haryanto gave it a small warning, but this time he was about to get mad.

No matter how cute he was and the innocent eyes that he made, Haryanto just couldn’t take it anymore, this time it was much worse.

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This Time It Was Over The Edge

When he noticed what the cat did, Haryanto started to feel how his blood was building within. He looked at the cat and this time, he saw right through that innocent face and couldn’t abstain himself from reacting.

Some owners can be very violent towards their pets, even resorting to physical abuse. Haryanto was very mad and had to do something to punish his cat.

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He Yelled At His Pet

He didn’t get too aggressive but he had to show off his anger to his cat to imply how upset he really was. The cat was just sitting there looking at the crazy person in front of him, not realizing what was going on.

Haryanto was fuming, he called the cat name after name and in the end, upset and disappointed with itself, the cat did something that anyone would do in this case.

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The Cat Ran Off Into The Distance

He tried to calm his owner down but Haryanto just couldn’t take it anymore. The cat was disappointed with his owner’s reaction and decided to flee the premises. He just couldn’t take the verbal abuse anymore.
It didn’t take him long to exit the room and get out of the house into the nearby forest. The cat simply wondered off and Haryanto decided not to look for him. It wasn’t the first time that the cat ran off.

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Furious But Concerned

Although the cat ran off after he did something terrible, Haryanto couldn’t abstain himself from showing anger. However, even though he was angry with his cat, he felt like he was too hard on the little fellow.
In the end, it was his beloved cat, and he didn’t do something that terrible. He was mad for a moment but soon after he started to regret his actions.

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The Damage

As he was waiting for the cat, Haryanto was looking again how his cat destroyed his cool headphones. They weren’t really expensive or anything, but now he couldn’t really enjoy his movies and music as he wanted to, and the cat was to blame for this.

He was however concerned that his cat won’t come back and he will live with this foul taste in his mouth for the remaining of his days.

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Game of Thrones

How could he watch the final season now? Haryanto didn’t have a giant TV or a large surround system to give him the advantage when it came to watching his favorite TV show. The Night King was invading the realm and he couldn’t enjoy the battle fully.
It was a harsh time for him, but most of all, it was a harsh time for his cat. Haryanto knew that the cat may not come back after what he did, so he started to re-think his possibilities.

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He Started to Panic

After a while, you cannot help yourself from worrying about our best friend since when he was born, and you will do anything in your power to bring it back. He knew that the cat was aware of the area better than he was, so at this time, the only thing that he can do was wait.
He didn’t think about a negative outcome, and he presumed that the forest was safer than he believed.

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The Cat Was Gone

For about an hour… It didn’t take the cat too long to return. He left Haryanto to cool off before he made his re-appearance and boy did he return in style. I think he felt bad about his headphones and he went into town to find a replacement.
He did some window shopping, smelled around, but in the end, a cat is a cat so he looked for the next best thing. Unfortunately, he didn’t find it in town…

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It Was Moving

The cat came and placed the present in front of Haryanto. He was shocked at first and didn’t know exactly what the cat brought him. It seemed to be moving and somehow he didn’t want to get close to it.
When he took a few steps, the creepy crawler was trying to get away from the cat but the cat wouldn’t let it. He had to repent himself from his evil deeds so this was the way to do it.

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The Owner Started To Panic

When he realized what it was, the owner started to move slower and slower out of the creature’s way. The creature was hissing and it was looking for a way out. It was a small snake brought back from the jungle, who hopefully wasn’t poisonous.
He didn’t know for sure so he didn’t want to take any chances. His cat however was waiting for him to acknowledge the gift and to give him a pat on the back.

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An Appreciated Gesture

The owner was surprised of his cat and appreciated that he went out of his way to replace the cable that he just tore apart. However, he didn’t want to touch the thing and he had to take something to throw it out.
Of course afterwards he laughed with delight as this was the first time when his cat ever brought him something or tried to make things right. Was his cat a genius?

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He Couldn’t Stay Mad

Haryanto wasn’t mad after he saw how sweet his cat can be. He was happy to have him in his life and he will cherish the gesture and the cat forever.
He gave him a big hug and was glad that the cat was safe. The cat was also happy to be in his good grace once more and started purring as soon as his head touched Haryanto’s chest.

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He Posted Everything Online

A story like this cannot be kept quiet. He decided to go all out and posted everything on social media. He then waited and I can tell you, he didn’t wait long.

In an instance his friends and family were asking about his experience and if everyone was ok. He was getting a lot of attention from the people around him and he was happy that he brought a smile on their faces.

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The Story Went Viral

A cat bringing a snake home to replace a damaged headphone cable, it’s not something that you hear every day. People were sharing this story like mad man and in the end it reached a lot of online publications and now everyone knows the story of Haryanto and his cat.

I am sure that he enjoyed all the publicity and hopefully the cat got a big meal after everything. But there’s a question that we need to ask.

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Do We Deserve A Cat Like This?

A cat that tends to our needs and keeps us safe is something that we should all have in our house. Haryanto’s cat is just a good example of how well cats can read our feelings and respond to them.

Cats are there to be cherished as wonders of this world and in the end they may reward you when you least expect it.
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Kitten Destroys Its Owner’s Earphones but Returns With a Biting Replacement!

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