The Legal Battle Wages on over the Mahindra Roxor 4×4

The Mahindra Roxor 4×4 is a utility vehicle that was launched on March 2, 2018. This vehicle is perfect for anyone who loves off-roading and rough terrains, but it is not approved for use on highways. It is tough, sturdy, and relatively affordable. It should be noted that these vehicles are rather small and do not move very fast. It was designed to get the job done. You are bound to be impressed by this little SUV. Its inventors boast that there is no other vehicle as durable as the Roxor 4×4 on this planet.

Legal Troubles

The easiest way to describe how this vehicle looks is to ask you to imagine a more muscular version of the Jeep CJ-7. There is no denying the similarities between the design of both vehicles. Shortly after the vehicle was debuted, Chrysler, the owners of the Jeep brand, sought to take legal action again the Indian based designers. In fact, they went as far as getting the sale of the vehicles banned in the United States.

Vehicle Specs

The Roxor 4×4 is 148 inches in length, 62 inches wide, and 75 inches high. It is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine and has a fuel capacity of 12 gallons. Despite its relatively small size and compact design, this vehicle packs a powerful punch. It can tow up to almost 3500 lbs at speeds of up to 15 mph. The Roxor provides seating for two people, which is typical for these types of off-road vehicles.

The outer frame is made of solid steel. You can tell this vehicle was built for rough terrain because it boasts solid axles and leaf springs both in the front and the back. The Roxor 4×4 has a 2.5-liter that can sustain maximum speeds of up to 45 mph. This is rather slow in the grand scheme of things, but you should be able to power through any terrain if you can master the art of using the manual transmission.

The Roxor is manufactured in the United States, but it cannot be considered as a US made vehicle. 30% of its parts originated in the US, but the manufacturers are working hard to increase this figure to 50%. Once they are able to achieve that target, they can legally state that the vehicle as made in the United States. But we are yet to see how their current legal troubles pan out.

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The Legal Battle Wages on over the Mahindra Roxor 4×4

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