Little Ways to Save Money For Your Next Trip

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When you go on vacation, the first thing you really want to do is relax, have a drink, and maybe even take a trip to the spa. However, most of us actually spend the trip stressing out about how we are going to pay for things.

As summer approaches and we start to look into our bank accounts, we find that sitting home in the cold has taken a toll on them. Still, we all want to go on vacation, even if it is just for a few days.

If you haven’t spent a lot of time saving up for your next big trip, you might want to start now for next summer so you can do something really special.

Here are a few little ways to save for your next vacation:

1. Open Up a Bank Account Just For Saving Money

One of the easiest ways to save money for vacation is to make a “Vacation Club” account that will allow you to file money away slowly throughout the year. Depending on the bank, you’ll earn interest as the money grows. Of course, you will be able to take it out but if you just don’t use the card attached to it (cut it up or put it somewhere else) and you should be able to save up quite a bit.

Look around for a bank that will give you money to open an account and put in just a few dollars every week. If you can, put in $25 a week and you’ll have $1,300 in a year. If you can put in $100 every pay, you’ll have $2,600 in a year. This might not be enough for a dream vacation, but it is a start.

Once you begin to stave money in other ways on this list, you can use that money as additional funds.

2. Use a Credit Card That Will Pay for Travel

If you can get one, apply for a credit card that gathers airline miles throughout the year when you buy things you’d already purchase – like groceries. When your vacation time comes around, you can use those points for miles or hotel purchases. If there is a sign-up bonus, try to take advantage of that because sometimes it can get you a decent seat on a flight for a reasonable price.

Of course, make sure you can handle a credit card or it may end up costing you money.

3. Start Budgeting Better

If you want to fill your account with money, you want to make concessions in other places. Figure out a monthly budget that will allow you to save a little bit more. This might mean that you go out to eat less often or you don’t buy that new pair of shoes that you want but don’t really need. Following a budget is a fantastic way to save up some money you don’t really need to spend right away.

Look honestly at your budget and look at places where you can slash it.

4. Look at Your Housing Situation

While this might seem extreme to some people, you can save money by changing your housing situation. Look at where you are living and see if the rent or the mortgage payment is worth it. Make small improvements to your home so that your energy bills cost less.

You can also start using less money in your home by turning off lights, cutting back on your cable costs, and maybe even renting out a spare room through AirBNB.

5. Spend Less on Your Workout

If you go on vacation, you probably want to look good in your bikini or shirtless, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a ton to go to the gym. Instead of going to the gym, go on YouTube to find workouts, run outside, or sign up to teach classes that will have you moving.

If you need the structure of a gym, check out websites where you can get discounts or talk to your insurance company about paying for part of it.

6. Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you have a car and you are a decent driver, you can make some money on Uber or Lyft. Driving for those services allows you to drive when you want to and helps to pad your account. You can even put all of that money directly into your savings account.

If you really want to use your car to make money and you live somewhere with public transportation, consider ditching it altogether. What you save on insurance and gas costs will add thousands to your account.

7. Or Another Side Job

If you already work really hard, adding a side job isn’t possible. However, you may want to look for a part time job. Become a babysitter, a dog walker, a line sitter, or a clothing reseller. Those jobs allow you to work when you want to work and take some time off when things are too demanding. If you live somewhere with a big seasonal crowd, consider working one of those jobs like a lifeguard or a seasonal employee at a big box store.

It might mean sacrificing some of your personal time, but it will be worth it on your dream vacation.

8. Sell Your Stuff

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If you are looking to make money quickly, consider selling your stuff. Have your own yard sale, put stuff on eBay, or join Facebook groups that allow you to sell your things. You may not make much money or you may make a ton, it really depends on where you go to sell your items and what you have to sell.

If you want to take a great vacation, you might have to work harder throughout the year. You have to weigh whether or not it is a better idea to work hard throughout the year for a better vacation or to be a bit more leisurely throughout the year.


Little Ways to Save Money For Your Next Trip

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