Lonely Woman Finds Out Her Doctors Made A Huge Mistake 69 Years Ago

Genevieve Purinton was just an average teenager living in Indiana in the mid-1900s. She was 18 years old in 1949, and that’s when she gave birth to her very first child. It was a surprising situation for everyone, since Genevieve didn’t have a husband and was so young.


At that time, it was even more unusual to have a child without being married. Genevieve didn’t mind, though. She was just excited to start her life with her new little baby.

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Going into Labor

Genevieve went through her entire pregnancy getting ready for the birth of her child. Her house was full of baby necessities like a crib and tiny baby clothing. When the time came to go into labor, she was a mix of scared and excited.

She headed to the hospital to meet her child for the very first time. Even though she was scared and it was a lot of work, Genevieve made it through the labor and gave birth.

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After giving birth, Genevieve was full of emotions right away. After all of the pain and struggles she had gone through in the pregnancy and labor, she just wanted to hold the baby. When she asked the doctors to do so, they broke some news to her.

The baby did not survive. The doctors carefully told Genevieve that her child had died at birth. Even though it was not expected, it’s a situation that happens unexpectedly sometimes. She was devastated.

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Keep Going

Losing a child at only 18 years old is such a difficult situation for a mother. Genevieve was no exception, and it took her a while to recover from the shock. She was so upset that she never even got to meet her child.

But, the years kept going by even through her difficulties. She grew up and lived her life regardless- enjoying as much time with her family as possible. Genevieve had to move on from the loss of her child.

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Another Problem

As she kept growing and aging, the loss of her child weighed less and less on Genevieve’s mind. It would always be something she remembered and was sad about, but she got better at dealing with the pain every day.

Years and years afterwards, Genevieve was diagnosed with a tumor that needed to be removed. The tumor was in her uterus, which meant she had to get a total hysterectomy. This meant having children wasn’t possible any longer.

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After All

After everything she had been through, Genevieve was living in sunny Florida when she was 88 years old. She lived in an assisted living facility where all her needs were met for her. She had lived a long and full life.

But, the baby she lost at 18 still crossed her mind from time to time. She had never had any other children. Her parents and eight siblings had all passed away, so she really was feeling quite lonely.

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Just Curious

A different woman living in Florida, far from where Genevieve resides, got a DNA testing kit as a gift. Her name was Connie, and she had been adopted as a baby. When someone gave her the at-home kit for Christmas- she was over the moon!

This was the perfect chance to find out her real roots and maybe even biological parents. She used the kit to take a sample of her saliva and sent it back, eagerly awaiting the results.

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DNA Results

When the results from her test came back, Connie was so excited. Through the DNA testing, she received two important things. First, she was able to get in contact with a biological cousin through the testing platform.

Next, she was able to access the name of her birth mother. That name was Genevieve Purinton. Connie spent some time talking to the cousin and she mentioned the name of her birth mother. The cousin had something to say about it!

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Finding Out

When the cousin heard who Connie’s birth mother was, she was so happy. Genevieve Purinton was her aunt, and she knew exactly where to find her. It was so exciting for Connie to finally have a real path to meeting her mom.

She quickly got into contact with Genevieve’s assisted living facility to arrange for a visit. Neither of the women could believe what was happening. After all these years, they were finally being reunited.

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Meeting Again

When Connie arrived in Florida to meet her mother, the first thing they did was hug each other for minutes on end without letting go. It was such an emotional experience that they had waited years for.

Both women were crying as they hugged and met for the very first time. Genevieve was utterly surprised to find out that her baby from 69 years ago was here standing in front of her. Connie felt the same way.

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Big Mistake

It seemed as though when Connie was first born in Indiana, there was a big mix-up among the doctors. Connie ended up being adopted by a Californian couple when she was just a couple of days old.

Genevieve went on with her life thinking that her baby had died, while Connie was adopted and left wondering who her real mother was. Connie said that it was her lifelong dream to finally meet her mother. Luckily, that dream came true.

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No Change

Wang Mingqing and Liu Dengying were two parents who lived in a small Chinese city called Chengdu. In 1994, they worked selling fruit at the roadside and brought their small three-year-old daughter with them.

One particular day, Wang ran out of change. Since there was a customer waiting for their change, he just ran over to a stall next door to get some smaller money. He left his three-year-old there at the stall while he ran the errand.

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No Daughter

When Wang ran back over to his fruit stall, his daughter had vanished. Even though he was gone for no more than two minutes, there was no sign of his young daughter Qifeng. It was the worst situation imaginable for a parent.

Immediately, Wang called the authorities and began searching all the nearby stalls and everywhere around his stall. Still, she was nowhere to be found. Wang and Liu couldn’t believe what had happened.

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Sweeping Search

The ensuing search that the couple enacted took Chinese media by storm. People were invested into the story of the father trying desperately to find his long-lost daughter. His valiant efforts were so heartwarming.

The first thing they did was look everywhere in the city, Chengdu, and neighboring cities. They spent hour after hour scouring the cities and setting up advertisements locally. The couple was hoping that Qifeng didn’t get too far and that she would turn up soon.

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Never Giving Up

Years kept going by with no sign of their precious daughter. She had gone missing in 1994 and it was now already 21 years later in 2015. At this point, Wang was still refusing to lose hope. Everything he did revolved around finding his daughter.

He and his wife had another daughter and a son, but he still never forgot about the beautiful three-year-old missing from the family. There were advertisements online and all over the city by this time.

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A Good Job

Wang had the idea to become a taxi driver in the hopes that he might have more luck finding his daughter that way. He began working for a Chinese riding service similar to Uber, called Didi Chuxing.

He had signs and little cards printed with a photo of his newest daughter’s face on them. He didn’t have a good one of Qifeng as a girl- but her sister looked just like her. Every inch of his taxi was covered with the notices.

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Working Well

The word was getting out quickly and effectively. Every single passenger took a small card with the girl’s face on it and the Chinese media was entranced by the story. Everyone was rooting for Wang to find his daughter.

Even the police were still working on the case. They found more than one girl that matched Qifeng’s age and description. But, once they had their DNA tested, they found out none of them really were the missing Qifeng.

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Helping Hand

Since the media was blowing up the heartwarming search for Qifeng, it caught the eye of a professional police sketch artist. He decided to help Wang and his wife in their lifelong search. It had been over two decades by this time.

He did a sketch of what Qifeng should look like in the present day. Since they only had photos of her at a young age, he thought it might help to identify the woman who would be an adult by now.

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The sketch of a present-day Qifeng was broadcasted all around China. One woman named Kang Yin noticed it on the television one day. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It seemed like she was looking in the mirror!

The photo resembled her so much that she decided to inquire into her own past. She knew she had adoptive parents and could hardly believe that she might in fact be the missing girl from Chengdu.

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Personal History

Kang Yin double checked some facts about her childhood. What she found out seemed to further confirm the possibility that she was Qifeng. Her adoptive parents found her as a three-year-old on the side of the road nearby Chengdu.

That’s exactly where and when Qifeng went missing. She decided that she had to get into contact with Wang and find out who she really was. She used the information that was broadcasted on the media to reach out to the man.

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Further Confirmation

Things kept pointing towards Kang Yin being the missing daughter. When she spoke with Wang she found out that his missing daughter had had a scar on her forehead and always happened to get nauseous while crying.

These things fit right into Kang Yin’s description. They were both convinced, so the two arranged to have their DNA tested to see if they were related. Neither of them could wait to find out the results.

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Results After Years

The DNA results finally came back and revealed that Kang Yin really was the long-lost Qifeng. It was the best moment of Wang’s life. He had dedicated all of his efforts to finding her for so long, so it was incredible to finally find her.

He was overjoyed that he was finally reunited with her after a long 24 years. They first made contact by a phone call where both of them cried. Wang promised that she didn’t have to worry about anything any longer.

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Arranging Plans

Kang Yin quickly made plans to visit her hometown of Chengdu and meet her family that she never knew about. She brought along her husband and two children to the meeting. When they met at the airport, followers of the story were there to watch and offer flowers and support.

It was an emotional and joyful meeting for everyone involved. The whole family had just gotten so much bigger and everyone was so happy about it.

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Looking for Parents

In 1992, China’s law regarding children still stated that parents were only allowed to have one. They would face severe penalties and fines if they had more. Because of this, many parents left their unwanted babies and abandoned them.

Because of this, Jenna Cook was left near a bus station in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The baby laid there alone until someone noticed her and took her to a nearby children’s home where she would be safe.

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At the Wuhan Children Welfare House, the small abandoned baby was cared for and given a name. They called her Xia Huasi and assigned her a random birth date that they estimated based on the age she looked to be.

The problem with the abandonment of unwanted children was that at this time, there was no formal adoption process in place. This meant that the country was full of poor abandoned children in homes like these.

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Perfect Timing

Just a couple of days after she was abandoned, the laws in China changed slightly. They finally allowed for foreign nationals to adopt Chinese children that were in these homes. This was perfect for Jenna Cook.

She was still a baby when a teacher from America came to the children’s home and fell in love with her. Margaret Cook adopted her and brought her back to her home in Massachusetts, America. She was lucky to have another chance and her very own family.

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Jenna’s adoptive mother was open about her adoption. She didn’t wait to tell Jenna but simply let it be a known fact about her past. Because of this, Jenna always wondered who her family really was back in China.

She had another sister that was adopted from China as well, but living in a small American town meant they were the only Chinese people there. It was a strange feeling to not know where she came from exactly and she wanted to eventually track her history.

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Starting a Search

Jenna went on to be very successful, and at 20 years old she was studying at Yale University. But, there was always China and her birth family on the back of her mind. She decided to pursue a search for them.

She was given a grant from Yale to head to China as both an academic and a personal experience that would help understand the lives of adopted children. She and her adoptive mother Margaret hopped on a plane.

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Too Many

Jenna started the search with many flyers printed out with photos of herself at a young age. They went back to the town of Wuhan where she was found and started handing them out to everyone they could find.

What she found was that many people seemed to have given up or known someone that gave up a child in the past. Because of China’s one-child policy- it wasn’t very uncommon. This led to a crazy realisation for Jenna.

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So Many Families

In the end of her search, with all the information from people who had contacted her- Jenna had 50 possible families. They had all seen her flyers and contacted her thinking that she may be their daughter.

All 50 of these families had abandoned baby girls at the bus station Jenna was found in, on the week she was found. Jenna couldn’t believe that so many babies had been abandoned in just one week. It was shocking and made it almost impossible to narrow it down.

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Lonely Woman Finds Out Her Doctors Made A Huge Mistake 69 Years Ago

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