Mercedes A-Class Is Now Coming to America

Yes, you read that right: Mercedes Benz has finally decided to bring its A-Class model vehicle to the U.S. Mercedes Benz USA executives have confirmed that the new line is going to start sales in the fall of 2018.

The smaller sedan is considered a compact car and has been in production since 1997. For years, the car company has waffled as to whether it should introduce the line to North America. When the idea was finally green-lighted, Mercedes Benz officials sent a model to Miami for their U.S. dealers to look at. There is a lot of excitement behind what was seen.

The Plan for the Rollout

Mercedes dealers expect the entry level vehicle to start around $30,000. This lower price now allows the younger driver the chance to purchase a Mercedes Benz and grow with the brand. It also could attract those that appreciate a sportier look to their luxury vehicle.

The plans for the rollout are currently being worked on, so there is still so much to learn. U.S. dealers expect to see the A-Class in their lots around September or October. It could be a great year-end boost to 2018 sales.

What Was the Holdup?

The wait was long for the A-Class to come to the U.S. What was the reason? According to Mercedes officials, the body type had a lot to do with it. It has largely been sold around the world as a compact hatchback. This style has not been popular in the U.S.

Although, this was not the first time they had tried to sell a smaller car in America, they have learned from past experiences that it is not going to be smooth sailing. In 2001, Mercedes introduced a hatchback version of their C-Class coupe. It was met with disappointing sales that eventually led to its discontinuation in the U.S. High-end buyers did not want a luxury compact car.

A-Class Production Has Its Surprises

Mercedes Benz plans on building their A-Class line outside of Europe to cut down on costs. The new plant is going to be in Mexico of all places. According to recent reports, the plant is also home to the new Nissan-Daimler joint venture.

Also, when asked about their thoughts on bringing a compact car to America, Mercedes executives seemed confident that now is the right time. Although the industry is now seeing a huge shift to rising SUV and larger vehicle sales, they don’t believe this is going to affect them in any way. Those that want a luxury car are not going to waiver with their wants.

The New Exterior Design

Those that appreciate a smooth design are really going to like the A-Class. The concept made its first appearance in China at the April 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. The new style caught everyone off guard–it does not look like the typical Mercedes we have come to know. Its exterior has far less lines and details than the larger models. The headlights are angular and are not meant to be a focal point of the front end. Instead, the grill is a prominent feature on the car.

Since the car is meant to bring in young and fresh Mercedes buyers, it is easy to see that the design team had fun with the blank slate they were presented. It is touted as a smooth but fast ride for those who enjoy driving in style. This is definitely the next big thing when it comes to a unique design.

The Interior Is Pretty Showy

The A-Class interior does not disappoint. It has the large display screen that is seen in the more expensive E-Class. Everything is digitalized, including the dashboard. Needless to say, there are more bells and whistles than you can imagine.

You can enjoy LED mood lighting than can change color according to your tastes. Optional air fans add to the comfort of the ride. Although full packages have not been disclosed yet, there is no doubt a wide array of options.

The Mercedes A-Class is coming at a time where most U.S. auto consumers are leaning towards a larger ride. It is a gamble for the car maker to release this compact car, but there is huge promise in what it can offer a luxury driver. At a great price point, it could be the luxury car you never thought you could own.


Mercedes A-Class Is Now Coming to America

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