The Mid Size and Large Trucks that Shaped 2017

The sale of trucks has been increasing in the recent years. From SUVs, vans, pickups, and crossovers people cannot get enough of trucks: the bigger the better. In fact since 2009, the sale of trucks has more than doubled in the United States. They make up between 57-60% of sales of newer vehicles. But what trucks are of especially good quality these days?

Mazda CX 9: Midsize SUV

The inside of this car has rosewood accents and spacious seating that give it a cozy and luxurious feel. It has low seats and accurate steering that provide an easy control and view of the road in front of you. The car definitely has an SUV feel to it though. It’s got a sleek and sizeable exterior that won’t be mistaken for any mini-van on the block. Although it only has a 250 horsepower turbo and a dynamic pressure turbo that reduces lag, it compensates for this with a low torque acceleration (310 lb-ft with a peak of about 2000 rpm). Basically, this car lets you put the pedal to the medal.

Audi Q7: Midsize Luxury SUV

If you’re looking for comfort on top of size, this is the car for you. This car includes a spacious interior common to any luxury vehicle, but also comes with a sleek exterior and a huge trunk in the back, leaving you lots of room for luggage. With a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with four-cylinder at a base of 250 horsepower, this car promises a luxury drive at SUV size. But luxury does not come cheap–the starting price for one of these cars is just short of $50,000.

Mercedes-Benz GLS450: Large SUV

You read right. This is not the luxury SUV category. Mercedes-Benz has come out with a model of large SUV that is competing with the Chevy and Ford models. At a smaller size than most other large SUVs, this car still manages to keep up with a six-cylinder engine, no separate frame or live rear axle. There are reading lights, cup holders, and padded armrests in all three rows of the car as well. This is a rare find in any other SUV.

Honda Ridgeline: Midsize Pickup

Unlike other midsize pickups of its class, the Ridgeline is a much less bulky drive thanks to its 4-wheel independent suspension, unibody construction, as well as its engine (which its traverse-mounted). It has a spacious and sleek interior, which allows for comfort on top of a smooth ride. At a max payload of 1584 pounds, 5000 pounds of towing capability and 3500 for 2-wheel, this car is built for any amount of manual labor you can throw at it. It’s the perfect car if you’re searching for comfort and utility.

Ford F-150: Full Size Pickup

This is a car that is built to be worked, and worked again. Whether it’s for business or personal purposes, this car can carry everything you need with ease. With a 3.5-liter turbo boost and 450 horsepower, the engine on this car gives it a level of finesse that other pickup trucks don’t have. It offers an easy drive as well as control and stability. But don’t let looks deceive you. This car can tow up to 12,200 pounds and haul around 3,270.

Chrysler Pacifica: Van

Everything you have thought about minivans goes outside the window with this new redesigned mini van. The Pacifica has focused on a sleek modern design, abandoning the round and graceless form of older minivan models. Designers of this car put in an independent rear suspension, allowing ample space by the floors of the car to store additional things. This allows for the car to take up a much less bulky frame. With a 3.6 liter V6 turbo boost engine with 287 hp, the Pacifica is a much less clunky drive than other minivans.

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The Mid Size and Large Trucks that Shaped 2017

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