Name Shaming Taken To The Highest Levels! You Won’t Believe What This Major Airline Company Did!

People are name shamed every day. Boys become girls, girls become boys, and people receive nicknames that have nothing to do with their actual name. But what happens when you are name shamed at a higher level and everyone starts pointing at you?

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Traci Redford and her daughter went through a tough dispute with Southwest Airlines, after her daughter was name shamed by one of their employees.

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Can Start At A Younger Age

Name shaming starts during your first days at school. You simply introduce yourself to one of your colleagues and shortly after you speak your name they tend to give it an abbreviation. From Mike you become Mikey from Charlotte you come Char and a different person is born either you want it or not.

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Your name doesn’t get the respect that it deserves and often this may lead to a troublesome childhood.

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Types Of Shaming

Unfortunately, people have invented more and more types of shaming, and sadly we have no way of controlling them. The LGBT community was most affected by this once it bloomed, but in the past, depending on your personality, you got shammed for even the smallest things.

Name Shaming Airline 2

If you were a bit chubby, if you had a small bottom, if you had a certain disease, people picked on you, time and time again, and you couldn’t do anything to change their mentality.

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When Times Are Dear

You are going on a Holiday or you have to get ready for that life-changing interview that you were called to, and out of nowhere, the person reading your boarding pass or CV, looks at you and starts laughing in your face.

Name Shaming Airline 3

You deserve the opportunity and are highly-qualified to go where you pleased, but a certain individual thought that he is better than you and makes a mockery out of your name. Enough, is enough!

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Thinking About The Confrontation

Most people would act like the bigger person and will tend not to challenge the individual. They will simply turn the other cheek and will allow the person to consume themselves in laughter before they lay a finger on them.

Name Shaming Airline 4

In some cases that seems to be a good choice rather than stressing yourself with stupid people. But often you need to challenge the individual and if it’s the case, the company behind him or her.

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Traci and Her Daughter

Traci Redford and her 5 year old daughter were catching their flight back home to El-Paso, Texas. They were departing from John Wayne Airport in Orange County after a small recreational visit. Once Traci handed the boarding passes to the gate agent, she noticed a change of attitude and a big smirk on the agent’s face.

Name Shaming Airline 5

The attitude that followed next, had upset Traci and her daughter and made them question the integrity of the airline.

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What Draw Her Attention

As soon as she received the boarding passes the agent started to laugh. ABCDE Redford was written on one of them and after she checked their IDs she noticed that it was indeed official. She couldn’t tell if this was a joke or not but she had to share this with her fellow colleagues.

Name Shaming Airline 6

While everyone was gathered in a circle, Traci knew that something was up and that these people are making fun of their daughter.

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It Received A Few Negative Reactions

When you see this unique name, as a bully, you won’t restrain yourself from making comments. At first you may be shocked, but then you have to come up with hurtful words that would make people suffer. The agent shared the name with everyone around her and people started giggling at the innocent 5 year old girl.

Name Shaming Airline 7

As a traveler, and a customer, you wouldn’t enjoy to see people making fun of other people, moreover the people that you are flying with.

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Respect Should Be There

No matter what your name is or what type of body you have, you should be respected and cared for by the people that you are paying to use their services. The agent showed a lousy attitude and she should’ve been sacked on the spot.

Name Shaming Airline 8

On top of that, the colleagues that were laughing with her should’ve been let off as well and the customer should’ve received first class honors and millage that will allow her to fly with Southwest Airlines for a lifetime.

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Southwest Airlines

The Airline Company received a few hits in the past. They had quite a few disputes, and the most recent one apart from this, was about a biracial child that was presumed that it did not belonged to his mother. The agents delayed the flight until the paperwork was in order and the mother was confirmed.

Name Shaming Airline 9

And now they came back to strike again at someone that had a peculiar name. I presume that the affordable prices counted more than their reputation.

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The Ticket In Question

When you see a ticket like this one you may find it a bit odd and would probably smile at it. But in the end, your job is to verify the identity and scan the boarding pass, and not comment and laugh at an innocent little girl.

Name Shaming Airline 10

Her name is unique and it is also read “AB-City” so it should be pronounced accordingly. The job post wouldn’t even imply to read the name out loud, but the agent had to do it along with her colleagues.

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More Eyes

The agent couldn’t believe her eyes and she started to point at Traci’s daughter. She invited her colleagues to see the ticket as well and they all started to laugh and point at Abcde. The mom heard their laughter and comments so she had to speak out.

Name Shaming Airline 11

The agents didn’t stop there but after Traci told them that her daughter can hear them as well, they decided to take it down a notch.

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Not Good Customer Service At All

Rather than apologizing and moving on to the next customer, the airline staff had something else in mind. They continued to laugh as little Abcde was watching them. She even asked her mom why are they laughing at her so her mom had to come up with a reply.

Name Shaming Airline 12

Before she did that however, she told the agents to stop this childish behavior since both her and her daughter can hear them quite well. They stopped eventually but they also did something more despicable.

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Posted Everything On Social Media

Without their knowledge, the agent took a photo of her daughter’s boarding pass and posted it on social media. More and more people started commenting on the image and soon this spread all over the country.

Name Shaming Airline 13

It shortly reached Traci’s device and she couldn’t believe what was happening. She had to take action and diverted her anger towards the Airline Company that allowed this to happen. Their reaction was concerning.

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Traci Had To Defend Her Daughter

She filled a formal complaint with the airline and wanted justice for her and her daughter. She didn’t expect a small, but rude incident, to become such a big thing that she had to deal with. She did a whole video speaking about the incident.

Name Shaming Airline 14

But that wasn’t enough, and Traci wanted to spread awareness of how the big, pick on the small, and how you need to do everything in your power to stand up for yourself and your family.

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The Word Was Already Out There

Social media was already blowing up with comments and responses to the unfortunate incident. The information was shared and re-shared, twitted and re-twitted and now everybody knew how Southwest Airline were reacting to a girl’s name.

Name Shaming Airline 15

However, the opinions were divided, and while some people were blaming the airline for their lack of professionalism, other people were blaming the mother for the lack of imagination when naming her daughter.

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People Were Talking

Everyone was saying that the name sounds ridiculous and pronounced differently just because someone said so. They wouldn’t allow their children or friend’s children to be named like Traci’s daughter, so they were starting to take sides.

Name Shaming Airline 16

On one hand they had people that supported morality and professionalism, and on the other hand there were people that supported the old ways. I’m not saying that the mother was not wrong in a way, but who are we to judge?

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Being Funny

It didn’t take long until people started to make fun of the situation. They were coming up with their own unique names that they wanted to share with the community. In their own way, they wanted people to have new name ideas just in case.

Name Shaming Airline 17

They were taking it out on Traci for giving her daughter a name that raised concerns and mockery. I am sure that the agent is not the first one to make fun of Abcde and more people will follow.

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Technological Explanations

People were outraged by the name that was given, that they were coming up with diverse explanations to why it needs to be changed. ProfessorXover gave credit to autocorrect when he wanted to give Traci a piece of his mind.

Name Shaming Airline 18

And more and more people were coming up with their own ideas and their own accusations. Was Traci to blame in all of this?

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Defending The Daughter

Most of them were feeling sorry for the daughter. They were expecting the negative reactions no matter what Traci did to raise awareness. Southwest Airlines were the good guys in this conflict and people just wanted Traci to do the right thing.

Name Shaming Airline 19

Now Traci could however get legal advice and change her daughter’s name, but that wouldn’t make her daughter so unique. It’s not a bad name to have, but it can be a bit of confusing.

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The Accusations

It didn’t take long until someone actually pointed out to the truth. As harsh as it may seem, Traci was responsible for what was happening in her daughter’s world, no matter how evil the Southwest Airline employees were.

Name Shaming Airline 20

However, after seeing all the comments and all the negative emotions that were coming from the internet, Traci decided to react. She couldn’t take it anymore and she had to show her daughter how to defend herself.

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The Mom Was Outraged

Needless to say Traci was disappointed by the world and their reactions. She also had her mind set on Southwest Airlines and their employee. Someone had to pay for this behavior and she knew who to target.

Name Shaming Airline 21

When she made the video she told things exactly as they happened. She also informed a lot of news agencies about this hoping that one of them will play her story.

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She Told ABC7

The news company saw a bit of familiarity in the story, and decided to post everything on their website and to share the news on their station. The world was now witnessing a form of bullying that wasn’t shared before.

Name Shaming Airline 22

This was the starting point that Traci had to have, and from this point onwards, she needed to stand her ground. It didn’t matter what other people said, Southwest Airlines were to blame and they shouldn’t have had such an attitude towards her daughter.

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Everything Just Spread

After the news went live, everyone was debating how long it will take Southwest Airlines to respond. They were already informed about the case via social media, so this event had to bring out a response from them.

Name Shaming Airline 23

But it took a while for that to happen and now everyone was just getting worried. They were thinking how the mother had her moment of fame and they didn’t expect a resolution out of this.

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Nobody Would Feel Safe

If you waited for more than two weeks for a response from the company, after this event happened to you and your family, you would start to think that the system isn’t working. No matter what you do, you will never know when this event will happen again.

Name Shaming Airline 24

You won’t feel safe and you will have to keep an eye out for whoever may try to harm you.

However, Southwest Airlines made an appearance and came back with a response!

It Was Time To Say Sorry

After weeks of debating, Southwest Airlines released an apology to the family. They’ve stated that “We take great pride in extending our Southwest Hospitality to all of our Customers, which includes living by the Golden Rule and treating every individual with respect, in person or online.”

Name Shaming Airline 25

They continued saying that “The post is not indicative of the care, respect, and civility we expect from all of our Employees.”

So was justice served? Or what happened to the Employee that started this? Click ‘Next’ to find out!

The Employee Was Dealt With

Although they didn’t declare what happened to the Employee officially, they did say that “We have followed up with the Employee involved, and while we do not disclose personnel actions publicly, we are using this as an opportunity to reinforce our policies and emphasize our expectations for all Employees.”

Name Shaming Airline 26

I presume that that’s a long way of saying that the Employee was fired and that they have a new job post available for anyone who’s interested.

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The Reputation Was Affected

When someone goes on live television and tells everyone that you’ve name shamed their daughter, you would expect a few downfalls in your rating. Official complaints are not easy to deal with, but Southwest Airlines had a professional response to an unprofessional behavior.

Name Shaming Airline 27

It may take a while until people will trust the company again, but that doesn’t mean that they will stop using their services. In the end, if they have affordable tickets, people will carry on buying them.

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Hopefully People Got The Message

Since people were talking on social media about how wrong it is to name shame someone, I can only guess, that after all those messages, people will think twice before they bully someone no matter what name they have.

Name Shaming Airline 28

We need to accept everyone for who they are and what they do, and not for what they look like or what their name is. Living in peace is better than living in a world filled with negative people that don’t mind their own business.

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Stop With This Attitude

People are bullied every day, and this leads to unspeakable things. You don’t know how long a person will take this, so you have to do your best to be the best version of yourself, and treat everyone as a human being.

Name Shaming Airline 29

Abcde (Ab-city) will probably have a rough life ahead of her, but after all of this I think that she learned a valuable lesson.

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What Did Her Daughter Learn Out OF This

When Abcde asked her mom “Why is she laughing at me?” her mom responded with “Not everyone is nice and not everyone is going to be nice and it’s unfortunate.”

Name Shaming Airline 30

This will probably be the main words that Abcde will remember and it will hopefully strengthen her for the years to come. It proves that people are mean and that it will take a strong mentality to deal with everyone that crosses your path.

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Name Shaming Taken To The Highest Levels! You Won’t Believe What This Major Airline Company Did!

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