Nice Whale Returns Phone Woman Accidentally Dropped Into Sea, But Then The Unexpected Happens..

Losing your phone was ranked as the most terrifying experience that a person can have, followed up closely after death. It’s very ironic how we place the fear of losing our phone above dying and it’s a shame how most of us experience this fear almost every day.


But when you lose your phone and you see it brought back to you by a wild animal, you cannot feel more excited. This is what happened to a girl from a Nordic Country that thought that her phone was lost forever.

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It Happened In Norway

We are taken into the Northern part of Europe, where Norway lies untouched by wars or disputes. The country faces the North Atlantic Ocean and has connections with the whole world through its ports. Norway contributed to the creation of NATO and the United Nations, making it an essential country alongside Denmark when it comes to foreign alliances.

This beautiful country is also the home of more than 5 million people that live in harmony in one of the richest countries of the world.

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Everything started in a town called Hammerfest where all the Northern lights shine upon. The town is one of the largest of the area and it is way up north where the country shares its boarders with Sweden, Finland and Russia.

It is a quiet town with spectacular views, where you cannot find a lot of activities. The main activity is fishing and skiing follows up shortly. If you feel like visiting it, make sure you take an extra blanket though!

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Ina Mansika

The girl that lost her phone and the protagonist of the sea creature encounter is called Ina Mansika. She lives in the town of Hammerfest and always stays warm when it comes to facing extreme weathers of -18 °C (-0.6 °F)

But when the weather is on her side, Ina goes out and seeks thrills to add to her daily schedule. But what made her seek the creature?

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An interesting story

A few months ago, Ina discovered an online article about a sea creature that was rooming her seas. She wanted to see for herself what this creature looked like and what exactly it was doing there.

She gathered a few friends and went on an adventure of discovery, looking for that creature that people were telling stories about. But what type of stories were out there?

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About A Spy

It was said that the creature was trained to be a spy and it was in the open waters near Norway to gather information about the Norwegian fleet in case of a possible attack.

There was a lot of controversy around this subject and no one wanted to confirm if it was actually true. Did someone want to invade Norway and to conquer its riches? Was this a strategic move or was it fake news?

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The Origins

It was a discussion amongst people on the internet that the creature came from Russia to spy on the NATO fleet. Of course Russia and NATO are now on high alert after the Ukrainian dispute, but the world powers don’t want to back down and have to show their muscles.

If either it’s in a form of a tank or taking the shape of a sea creature, the force is definitely there and the world has to hear about it. So what did Ina knew?

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She Knew About A Place

Information about the Russian spy was all over the internet and Ina had to see for herself. She new that the creature was in the northern waters so she went to the docks in Hammerfest to see if she can spot it with her own eyes.

Some of her friends joined her to witness the creature and to tell its tales to the locals and all their friends and families. Were they afraid?

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The Adventure

When you seek out a thrill it’s best to do it with your friends. The amount of laughs you will have will be endless and the story behind it will stay with you forever. But Ina was confident that the creature will cross their path.

It’s a possibility that most of them were afraid of the rumors surrounding the creature and if indeed it was a spy, the creature would probably be supervised by Russian KGB agents.

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The Sighting

Out on the docks, on a sunny afternoon, the gang was looking out in the distance to see if they can lay their eyes on the majestic sea creature that people were talking about. It seems that indeed they didn’t have to wait long.

The moment they got there, something was lurking in the water in front of them. They couldn’t tell if it was the creature or some type of fish, but they weren’t about to run away scared.

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A Monster?

It wasn’t the legendary Loch Ness Monster and it wasn’t something that they should be scared of. The creature moved closer to them and that’s when Ina and the gang could see it. It had smooth skin and a rounded head, and it seemed very familiar.

From the distance it could pass as a Loch Ness Monster but the group wasn’t concerned about that. They wanted to take a selfie with it no matter what so they called the creature close.

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A Dolphin!?

A rounded face, a fin on its back and moving with grace through water, the creature had to be a dolphin that lost its ways in the sea. But what was it doing there?

Since no dolphins were sighted, they were considering the possibility that the dolphin was trained to hurt them and at any point, a Russian transmitter could turn on and set the dolphin to kill mode. They had to do a bit of research.

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It Was A Whale

The information pointed to the fact that dolphins are not living in the area and that creature that Ina and her friends saw was in fact a beluga whale. It is also known as the white whale and it is the only sea creature that can adapt to the Artic life.

The whale came very close to the group and watched them as they were watching her back. It seemed rather confusing but in the end, they had to take a photo.

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Was The Story About It True?

There was no proof of where the whale came from and if it was a Russian spy. However, the whale itself feeds on worms and small fishes so it doesn’t pose a real threat to human lives. It was however true that it was lurking the Norwegian seas and it was trying to make itself know.

But what lead to the story of why this beluga whale was a spy for the Russian army?

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People Found A Harness

A few months ago people saw the whale and noticed that it had a harness around its neck. The whale was first spotted in Ingoya, just 258 miles from the Russian Fleet that was based in Murmansk.

It is a mystery why it swam for 258 miles to the Norway boarders just to say hello to people. The harness may have had a tracker or a transmitter, and the Russian government was out to gather data about the Norwegian territories.

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Eligibly The Whale Was A Russian Spy

The signs pointed it towards the Russian fleet and this made the whale a spy. It wasn’t long until people started to fear it and to want it deported back to Russia, but the whale seemed comfortable in the Norwegian waters.

It may have been the people that drove her there or the whale was indeed on a mission, but it didn’t show any signs of being a spy. Was it 007 out to do some damage?

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Out For No Good?

The whale was always greeting people and doing tricks for them. Before Ina found her, she heard that the whale was playing fetch and smiling for people with hopes of getting a snack.

I wonder if at the Russian base she was thought to do tricks while getting rewarded with fish, while when she didn’t perform the animal would stay unfed. A concerning thought to have in mind, and maybe that’s what led her to Norway.

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It Seems That It Was Actually Friendly

The whale allowed people to pet her and in the end it was like she was a sea dog waiting for someone to play with her. She went from town to town, looking for a playmate and for a bite to eat if possible.

Wherever she went people were playing with her and petting her, so that’s why Ina was searching to find this wonderful animal and to post a photo of her.

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Something Was Missed

Ina was charmed about the creature and couldn’t help herself from getting close and petting her. The beluga whale allowed her to touch her head and then smiled back at Ina and her friends. However, Ina was about to get through the scare of her life.

Her jacket pockets were opened and when Ina got close to pet the whale the unthinkable happened. People started to scream and she was worried about the consequences of her actions.

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Near Death Experience

Her hand was on the whale but something was slipping out of her pocket. The beloved phone that gave her the information about the whale itself, landed in water and started sinking in front of her. She wanted to jump in but the water was too cold.

People were concerned for her, but in the end a phone is a phone, and if it lands on the sea floor there’s not much that anyone can do.

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An Expensive One

Like any person today, Ina had the latest phone that was out there. She owned it with pride and joy but when the unfortunate event happened she felt a lot of sorrow.

She lost hope and was already considering the option of buying a new one or saving some money for next year’s release. However, someone had something else in planned for her.

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It Didn’t Stay There

As Ina was grieving her lost phone, the friendly whale noticed her tears and decided to dive in the water to look for her phone. It didn’t take long until the whale came back to the surface holding Ina’s beloved device in her mouth.

In grabbed it in a second and couldn’t believe her eyes. The Russian spy brought her phone back intact and she was shocked of how could this be possible.

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Ina Was Thrilled

When you recover your phone you feel like you got your life back. Ina was excited that a whale brought back her life and she was willing to give her a well-deserved fish.

Having recovered her phone, she was now looking confused at her friends that also witness the cheerful moment that happened to her and that brought her phone back. This made one thing clear!

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The Whale Was Indeed Trained

It seems that the Russians did a great job in training the whale but they tried their best to cover their tracks. Whenever someone pointed out that the whale belonged to them they decisively denied it.

As per their words stated above, it is obvious that when you want to spy on a country you will leave your GPS coordinates and a phone number on the harness just so that the war machine gets brought back to the rightful owner.

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The Explorer

The whale may have escaped the Russian habitat and came to the Norwegian seas to find people or a flock of beluga whales to join. Since it was all by itself, she had to count on humans for food and that’s why it was doing the tricks that the Russian Navy thought her.

It shocking that it got to this but at least she was better treated in Norway than she was in Russia.

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Cybernetic Outcomes

Knowing that whales and dolphins can be trained to spy on people and countries, raises awareness of what the future may look like. Human armies may sit in the comfort of their own chairs, while robot armies and trained animals do the fighting for them.

The harness that the whale had was supposedly holding a Go Pro and other devices attached to it. So what happens if all this technology is transported to an enemy country?

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New Types Of War

A marine animal can carry a lot of equipment that is untracked and undetected by the enemy forces. A Go Pro camera and a satellite transmitter is what a country needs to spy on its enemies. If the whale carried that on a harness it’s hard to consider the outcome.

We have to think about the possibilities and of what may come out of this technology. But what happened to the girl’s phone?

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Water Resistant?

The phone was indeed water resistant but it wasn’t made for the depths of the ocean. The phone instantly got damaged either from the cold or for the pressure so it was hard to turn it back on again.

The whale was good at recovering but it wasn’t good at fixing the device so Ina had to take her phone back for repairs. Hopefully the phone wasn’t hacked during this time and photos of her didn’t pop-up randomly on the internet.

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An Interesting Outcome

When you go for an adventure and come back with a unique story makes your life interesting. I am sure that not too many people experienced this and it is something that you will live with forever.

Will the Russians ever come back for the beluga whale? It’s hard to tell since first they have to admit that it’s theirs. So what did Ina and her friends do to spread awareness?

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The Story Had To Be Shared

Millions of people saw Ina’s video and people from Norway and around the world were learning about the Russian plans. An army of sea creatures invading a country is something that we need to consider in the future.

For the moment however, people enjoyed how friendly the whale was and the irrefutable action that the performed in Ina’s interest. But what will happen to the whale and what did the country consider?

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The rumors spread like lightning and everyone was aware that a Russian whale was in the Norwegian seas. The government quickly took action and they are now considering to deport the poor creature back to Russian territories.

However, people want to send it to a sanctuary in Iceland so hopefully that would be the main outcome. We will only have to wait and see!

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Nice Whale Returns Phone Woman Accidentally Dropped Into Sea, But Then The Unexpected Happens..

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