Roadster Dreams: The 2020 Tesla

Ownership of a fast car is a common dream among Tesla fans. Tesla is known for its groundbreaking technology and sleek body forms. The new 2020 Tesla Roadster brought excitement to fans worldwide after its surprise unveiling. The new Tesla combines an appealing aesthetic with barely legal acceleration and speed. This new model is going to make some dreams come true.


A popular obsession with these types of cars focuses on the acceleration speed. Keep in mind that that most of us rarely drive over 70mph, and depend on a slow, cautious acceleration for daily driving. The kid in car fanatics wants to have the assurance that top speed can be reached in mere seconds. The 2020 Tesla Roadster acceleration speed may even put the Batmobile to shame. Sixty mph can be achieved in 1.9 seconds, with 100 mph taking about 4.2 seconds. Other than the racetrack, this mechanical marvel may rarely reach its potential. It’s always good to know, however, that you have options when you are running late somewhere.

Speed and Range

With so much focus on acceleration, the Tesla’s top speed might be an afterthought to some. It is something to talk about, though. This new vehicle tops out somewhere over 250 mph.  This reality may find the average individual fearing for their life. Improvements with each new version of the Tesla aim to exceed top speeds of previous models.

Electric cars often come with limitations on range, at times. The 2020 Tesla Roadster has sufficient range to avoid leaving you stranded. You have a clear 620 mile allowance before a charge becomes necessary. A lengthy road trip can be planned with confidence.


The smooth, streamlined body of the 2020 Tesla Roadster is an unmistakable icon of the brand. A full color spectrum is not yet available, but the deep red test model is shiny enough to see your face in. The seemingly reflective paint color adds dimension and style to this highly anticipated vehicle. This new version of the Tesla Roadster did not disappoint with its aerodynamic shape and smooth lines. At first glance the roadster presents with a futuristic style that is sure to leave even the most finicky car buffs in awe.


There were a couple of items missing from the presentation of the 2020 Tesla Roadster model. The newest version has no side mirrors and is lacking buttons on the steering wheel. Both of these items leave safety experts with some degree of concern. Side mirrors are a major component used to keep an eye on a driver’s surroundings. It is unclear as to whether the final version of the vehicle will have side mirrors or an alternate form of visual enhancement. Steering wheel buttons are a regular presence in Tesla vehicles, hence the confusion of their absence in their most updated model. Drivers of the roadster are assumed to drive at high speeds, making ease of access to controls a considered safety measure. With two years to go before the final production we can expect some changes and clarification on these issues at some point.

New Technology

Since Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, also owns SpaceX he has access to the newest material developments. Many material items and machinery techniques are shared between the two companies. One example of this is the way welding is carried out. Welding that withstands space equipment is sure to survive the excess speeds of the new roadster. Some parts that are expected to be steel have been replaced with Inconel. The key component of this superalloy is its heat resistant properties. Cars that reach high speeds are likely to produce more heat than regular cars. This switch conserves the integrity of Tesla.

The Latest Buzz

Recent tweets by Elon Musk have brought even more excitement and anticipation to Tesla fans. Must hints at a special edition to come later on. He reminds interested parties that this sneak peek model should only be considered as a base plan. This creative marketing technique assists popular companies in building up the hype for new products, and Musk is a pro at it. He is sure to stand by his word when promising innovative features on the next Tesla model.

Another tweet toys with the idea of rocket technology. While it’s unlikely that the Tesla will possess the ability to fly, mentioning this possibility to the public elicits excitement and dreams for the future of fast cars. Musk knows he has a large fan base and plays wisely to the crowd.


This dreamy roadster costs more than most people make over several years. With a $200,000 price tag, the 2020 Tesla is unlikely to be seen in your average neighborhood. Financing may not be helpful either, as the hold deposit alone is 50,000. The basic model is all you get for this price, but at least you know one is waiting for you. A mere 1,000 founder’s models have been planned and will cost $250,000.  You have 2 years to focus on winning the lottery, so don’t give up all hope of owning a Tesla Roadster.

The 2020 Tesla Roadster was revealed in a surprise unveiling at the end of the most recent Tesla event. Now that the news is out, the buzz hasn’t died down. With outstanding acceleration speeds, surpassing those of the Bugatti, the Tesla is testing the limits of street legality. A few questions have been brought up about the absence of certain features, however, excitement is the overpowering response by the general public. The next two years will be a long wait for those ready to purchase. The select few that come up with the $200,000 necessary to own this piece of work won’t be disappointed. Musk has brought the dreams of car fanatics to life once again. Share the name of your dream car in the comments below.


Roadster Dreams: The 2020 Tesla

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