What Scheduled Maintenance is Needed on a Vehicle

Once you become a car owner, you must spend time researching how to care for and keep your automobile running smoothly. Do not become like some car owners who do not spend enough time taking care of their vehicles. Read this article to know how, when, and where you should take your car for service. It should also give you tips on how to use different resources to help schedule your car’s next service visit.

What Your Car Needs

You should read your car’s service manual to know the best way to take care of your car. Remember, each car comes with an owner’s manual. This book has information written particularly for your car. You must make sure you read your car’s manual before getting service.

When you are booking service for your car, you should have a service advisor help you. A service advisor is someone who is highly-educated in how to repair your car. Before you schedule added work, you must find out if your service advisor gets more money with each sale.

New Vehicles Under Warranty

When you own a car that is less than three years old, with fewer than 36,000 miles, all problems should get fixed. You should not get charged for repairs that fall under your car’s bumper-to-bumper warranty. Even though this warranty covers a lot, it does not include some items. Wiper blades, brake pads, brakes, oil changes, tires, and other regular services are not under warranty. Once your warranty is no longer good, you still need to maintain regular service. The goal is to stay up-to-date to avoid problems.

Scheduling a Service Visit

It is important for you to look at your car’s manual to read about what work your car requires. Some dealerships offer links on their sites so you should have no problem contacting them.

When you have access to your service manager, it makes it easy for you to email them for appointments and other things. Having this added communication option allows you to get great customer support.

At the Dealership

From the moment you enter a dealership, you should feel welcomed and comfortable. There should be a greeter who welcomes you. They should also write down all your car’s important information, such as mileage. Once a service advisor comes over to you, do not feel overwhelmed or pressured. You do not have to get any work completed that you did not intend on having. If you are there for a simple oil change and tire rotation, then that is what you should get done.

When someone tells you that more work needs to get completed, you do not need to make your decision right away. Be ready to say that you would like time to think. It is always a good way of preparing yourself to plan what you should say. You should never feel pressured to have work done.

Saving Money on Service

In some situations, your service advisor might offer service packages. These packages should include oil changes and other repairs at a discounted rate. Often, these packages offer great savings. You must make sure that it covers only the items in your car’s manual and not needless and pricey items.

It is common for service advisors to offer their customers discounts. When you receive one, it should save you money on certain services. Whether they offer a free service or lower the price, coupons are helpful.

Even though coupons and discounts sound great, they could sometimes create problems. When you get coupons applied to your service, it makes it harder for you to see true prices. To prevent this issue, you should always ask for a bill with the original cost and the discount. Likewise, you should always have an idea of what things should cost. Adding items up yourself is always beneficial.

Important Final Notes

Car ownership is overwhelming at times, but with the right knowledge, it should be easy. Always read your car’s manual to have an understanding of your vehicle’s proper care and maintenance. You should also find a trustworthy service manager who knows how to accurately and honestly take care of your car.

Read every piece of information you get to avoid unnecessary charges and repairs. It is your responsibility to oversee the well-being of your car, so you must fully understand your auto’s service schedule in your car’s manual.


What Scheduled Maintenance is Needed on a Vehicle

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