The Future of Cars

Cars have relatively stayed the same for 100 years. While some of the interior and exterior have changed, the actual mechanics of the cars on the market have stayed the same. This has been easy for car manufacturers, but consumers and dying for a change. They are demanding that the future of cars become better, stronger, and easier to drive. Everything about cars is starting to change, and the future is even more exciting than the past.


The way we’ve fueled cars has been the same for years. Gasoline has been used as an easy way to get cars rolling. However, the environmental impacts of gasoline cars are being felt. Global warming is getting worse, and the air quality is decreasing. The future of cars is slowly turning to electric. While they won’t take over the market completely, more and more electric cars are being approved by mainstream companies. The driving range of electric cars are becoming longer, and the tax incentives being offered by federal and local governments are enticing consumers everywhere to look into buying an electric car rather than the basic gasoline models. The biggest concern that most consumers have with electric cars is how they could drive for hundreds of miles. With gasoline, you just stop at a gas station. With electric cars, that creates a problem. However, Tesla and Volkswagen is making strides in this issue by installing electric charging stations across the country in hopes that this can quiet that concern.

Self-Driving Cars

Electric cars aren’t the only future that new cars are looking at. The possibility of a self driving car is very real, and it might come sooner than you think. With the advancement of computer and technology, cars everywhere are starting to drive themselves. While this is easy on the highway, suburbia and urban environments prove to be more tricky. However, companies like Google and GM are working together to find a way to increase the quick responsive times for self driving cars to work in these environments. Self driving cars hope that in the future they can prevent accidents from happening when slow response times or substances can affect the driver’s ability to drive.

With electric and self driving cars, the future of how people are going to own cars also changes. When cars can drive themselves, there’s no reason for it to sit in the parking lot all day. Car sharing is supposed to become more popular as the years go on. In the past few years, leasing a car has become a much more popular option than before. Many people are warming up to the idea that they don’t need to own the car to drive it. This has become an even more popular notion with the influence of companies like Uber and Lyft. Both of these companies are working hard with others to come out with self driving cars to help their businesses flourish. Because these are already a standard of transportation for many individuals around the country, it only makes sense that the future of their transportation would be going to self-driving cars.

The key to the future of cars is for manufacturers to keep up with the ever changing demands. As consumers become more focused on the environmental impacts of cars, the more technology is going to be relied on to create a better and easier model to drive. The race for the future in on, and manufacturers are working hard to be the first to succeed with these futuristic cars. It might be a few more years before these electric and self driving cars are available, but they’re sure to blow up when they go on the market.

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The Future of Cars

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