Things You Should Never Ignore On or About Your Vehicle

While there are telltale signs that something is wrong with your vehicle, there are times where you don’t think anything of something. Whether it’s the body, tires, noise, or windshield wipers, you need to keep constant vigilance to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and has no cosmetic or mechanical issues so that you feel comfortable while driving and stay safe while on the road.


While newer vehicles shouldn’t rust soon, older models have a tendency to rust near the tires and the underbody. While it may not look noticeable or unsightly yet, it can be doing severe damage to the structural integrity of your car. If you got into an accident and the body panels were rusty, they could be more fragile and break off before they should, causing you and your passenger’s serious injury.

Along with such, rust can also eat through metal faster than you realize. The vehicle components necessary to run and move the car could become so severely damaged with rust that they fall off, which doesn’t do you any good.

Timing Belt

While there are noticeable signs that the timing belt is about to go (ticking sounds, a misfiring engine, or oil leaks), manufacturers recommend replacing the timing belt at 90,000 miles regardless of any telltale signs of issues.

Disregarding the information ensures that the timing belt is going to snap at some point, which can ruin your engine and has the potential for severe accident and injury if it happens at high speeds.

Windshield Wipers

While your eyes may work fine with or without prescription glasses, your windshield is essential. It keeps you warm and dry during inclement weather, but it also gives you a clear view of what’s ahead. When your windshield wipers are broken or damaged, it can cause streaking or scratch the glass. These issues can cause severe visibility problems during rain and snow, which could cause you to get into an accident. They’re relatively inexpensive, so it’s best to replace them as needed.

Fuel Lines

While you can’t see the fuel lines when just looking at the exterior of the vehicle, they are essential to get the gasoline from your tank to the engine. Many vehicles have been known to catch fire because the fuel lines were damaged or leaking. If you notice fuel leaks, go to a trusted mechanic as soon as you can. Don’t wait until your car is a flaming fireball before trying to make amends.

Ball Joints

Ball joints protect the suspension system and give you a smooth ride while driving. If one breaks while driving, you can severely damage the entire suspension system or even lose your wheels. It’s best to get them replaced if you notice signs of trouble or ask a trusted mechanic to check them when you’re there for new tires/tire rotation.


It doesn’t seem essential at first, but nonworking or faulty headlights can be dangerous. You need the lights to see while driving at night and if yours don’t work except on high-beam, you are blinding the others on the road. Likewise, one headlight drastically reduces your ability to see, which can cause an accident. You might be able to change your own headlights or can go to your mechanic. Just make sure you replace them because law enforcement agents can pull you over if yours do not work correctly.

While everyone tends to notice transmission slips, faulty engines, and other significant components, headlights, ball joints, and windshield wipers are also essential and should not be forgotten during routine checks or maintenance.


Things You Should Never Ignore On or About Your Vehicle

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