Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On YouTube

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YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. In fact, everyday there are over 4 billion hours of videos watched. As every minute that passes, 72 hours of video are uploaded by people who are just being silly to people who are making their living on YouTube.

Right now, YouTube is available in 60 languages and 43 countries. They have trillions of views every year – from cat videos to tutorials on how to do the perfect winged liner.

It isn’t hard imagine that YouTube is much more complicated than many people think. There are so many things that you can do on there that people don’t even think about – but now you might. Here are some of the best kept secrets about what you can do on YouTube.

Slow it Down

Nothing is funnier than watching a YouTube video in slow motion. Pick your favorite video and hold down the space button so it plays at a slower speed. This is great for tutorials on make-up, hair, and dancing so that you can pick out the little details.

You can also slow it down through the gear icon on the bottom of the video.

Customize Ads

While it would be better to completely eliminate ads altogether, they are necessary for the website to run. It is also the way that your favorite YouTubers make their millions. Ads are annoying and can make you wait up to 30 seconds and they don’t always have the “Skip Now” button that makes them tolerable. It is really annoying when the ad is longer than the video.

The bad news is that we can’t stop ads from showing. However, we can change what ads we see so that we at least can look at things that interest us. Go over to the Ad Preferences tab on Google and remove the ads that you don’t want to appear.

Make Automatic Playlists

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Need to make a playlist of videos for an event, for backing music, or just to make your friend smile? You can make an automatic playlist of your favorite artist using a tool called YouTube Disco.

This will allow you to select your favorite artist and YouTube will collect videos of all their hits. Do it for someone like the Spice Girls and you’ll be reminded of songs that you forgot.

Check Your Load Speeds Against the Rest of the World

Are you seeing the video at the fastest speed that you can? Use a tool called My Speed to check your average load time against the rest of the world. It will allow you to compare to different parts of your town, across the country, and around the world.

While you can’t really do much about it, but it is interesting to know how your system stacks up. It can also help people who want to make videos as well.

Link People to Specific Place in a Video

If you want to show someone something at a specific time in a YouTube video, you can link directly to that spot. It is a great idea for teachers who want to show only a certain part of a video, friends who want to share longer videos, and even great for people who create online resumes.

In order to link to that specific time, add #t= to the end of the video URL, with an m for the minutes and an s for the seconds, for example: add #t=03m28s or #t=78s for 3:28 in the video.

If that seems too complicated, you can also pause the video at the specific time and then right click on the video, and choose “Copy video URL at current time.”

Play Snake

Remember Snake on your old Nokia phone? You can play it on YouTube! If you are that bored while looking at YouTube or you just need time to allow the videos to load, you can easily play it while you wait.

Edit Videos Right Using YouTube

If you want to edit your video but don’t have the fancy programs, you can use YouTube’s Video Editor to do a few simple edits, including: combining videos, adding music (that is legal), customize clips with effects, and cut the length of your videos.

Make Your Videos Load Faster with Feather

If your videos don’t load as fast as they could, use a service called Feather. Feather makes videos smaller by taking away things like pop-up comments, share boxes, and other little effects that add to the video. It doesn’t make it all that much faster, but it can make a big difference for people who have slower connections.

Watch Your Moods

For something really unique and fun, YouTube has a fun feature called a Moodwall. This service uses keywords, phrases, and reactions to each YouTube video and then creates an equation that highlights what the specific moods are for each one. If you are feeling funny, sad, or needy, you can look up a video that will go along with your mood.

Control With Your Keyboard

The service Lean Back allows you to use YouTube using only your keyboard. It is beautiful and simple for people to use and it does everything that the traditional YouTube website does. It has categories that are user friendly and is a little easier for binge watching your favorite YouTube videos.

With a service like YouTube, we are extremely lucky to have unlimited on-demand entertainment. Make sure you know how to use YouTube to its fullest potential.


Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On YouTube

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