Top 7 Apps for Travel 2017

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Phones have made traveling so much easier. They are always there for you to use, whether you are on a planned trip and you need to find out directions to a local restaurant or you need to find a hotel quickly. This world of ours is large and full of wonder, and apps are helping people find their ways around it more than ever before.

But with limited space on our phones (especially if we want to take pictures), which apps are worth the while and which ones take up unnecessary space?

1. CityMaps2Go

With downloadable guides to over 7,000 places in the world, CityMaps2Go is a must-have for people who know they won’t be able to use the internet. You can download everything before you leave and access it easily. This will also help keep your battery full.

The app features suggestions from locals and tourists alike, so you’ll make informed decisions about where to go.

2. Hotel Tonight

Want to stay in a major city overnight but don’t know where to stay? Hotel Tonight gives you options that fit into your budget and give you what you need. With a guarantee to fit two people in each room, you can choose from basic rooms all the way up to high roller suites. Even better, you can pay using your phone ahead of time so you just have to show up. Send messages to the hotel asking for early check-in or order room service on the go if you are hungry.

Each hotel has ratings to help you make your decision. Note that you do have to use the app to pay for this service.

3. Uber

Most large cities and many small ones have huge Uber fleets that are willing to take you anywhere. If you aren’t up to braving public transportation or you don’t want to walk, Uber is a safe and easy bet. Most people who drive Uber in big cities do it professionally, meaning they know how to navigate the roads and the traffic.

Note that you do have to use the app to pay for this service.

4. Goldstar

Goldstar is a fantastic app that allows you to search through local events to find deep, deep discounts. In fact, many of the options are comped. Make sure to read the fine print because sometimes there is a drink limit or age restrictions. Still, Goldstar has a wide variety of events, from musical theater to sports, drag shows to cruises.

Note that you do have to pay through the app.

5. Happy Cow

If you are vegan or a vegetarian, you know how difficult it is to find places to eat where you won’t be relegated to a salad. Happy Cow lists all of the restaurants in over 10,500 cities, from major cities to small towns. Download it now and check out the list for your hometown and see what you’ve been missing. You get user generated reviews, pictures of the food, and highlights from the menu.

Note that this app does come with a minimal fee.

6. Bring Fido

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If you love your dog and want him to see the world as well, Bring Fido allows you travel the world with him. It will map out dog friendly hotels and restaurants, show you dog parks, and even connect you with other users nearby. It is a lifesaver if you get cause somewhere and don’t know what you are going to do with your pup overnight.

7. Apple Maps

Finally, the most basic app on our list but the most convenient. Apple Maps comes preinstalled on every iPhone, but it is still the best. With your iPhone, you can get turn by turn directions for walking, driving, taking public transport, and Ubering.

In particular, their public transport option is fantastic because it keeps you abreast of any services or changes to the route. It also gives you the highlights of neighborhoods, making it easier to kill time while traveling.

Of course, not everyone needs to have all of these apps on their phone. Instead, it might make sense to just download a few. However, some of them are great for your hometown as well, including Goldstar, Uber, and Happy Cow.


Top 7 Apps for Travel 2017

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