Top Vehicle Features for Parents

Parenting is full of challenges. Time spent in the car shouldn’t be one of them. The many options on modern vehicles make driving with children a safe and pleasant experience. Shopping for a new car, however, can be a daunting experience. Use this list to help you summarize some of the most important qualities for drivers with children.


Safety is compromised when people attempt to answer their phone.  Attention diverted from the road raises the possibility of an accident. Parents have more going on in the car most other drivers. Bluetooth connections allow for hands free access to phone calls and your favorite music. Laws in many states now prohibit cell phones to be held by the driver. In the case of an accident, phones are often checked for recent activity. This safety feature is the best option for anyone needing constant access to their mobile device.

LATCH Anchors

Infant car seats are one of the most complex parts of travelling with children. It is theorized that the majority of users install them improperly. This leaves the baby unsecured with the possibility of injury. Lower Anchors or Tethers for Children (LATCH) are present in many modern vehicles. They simplify the car seat installment process, leaving less room for error. The majority of automobiles manufactured later than 2002 have the LATCH option. New laws indicate that a child should remain in a car seat or booster until the shoulder strap fits properly. This can be up until 10 or 12 years old, depending on the size of the child. Previous laws allowed kids to be out of car seats much earlier. Consider your vehicle options carefully. This feature remains useful for many years.  Look for easy storage and accessibility of these devices on your next car.

Seat Belt Alerts

The majority of cars have light indicators on the dashboard that alert them when the driver and passenger seat belts are not engaged. Sensors that alert you to the back seat belt positon are helpful with active children in the back rows. The icon lights up as soon as the belt becomes disengaged. Detailed alerts tell you exactly which seat has been affected. This allows for a quick remedy of the situation.

Rear Camera

Children have a way of exceeding visibility when they are out in the driveway. They also tend to leave bikes and other outdoor toys around the family car. Rear cameras, with dashboard displays, assist in reverse navigation. This attribute is especially helpful in neighborhoods with many children and busy parking lots. The security of extra visibility goes a long way towards making parents feel secure.

Third Row Seating

New parents often opt for a slightly larger car when they are expecting their first baby. The second child brings them back to the dealership to purchase an even larger vehicle. It is best to think ahead when making an auto purchase. A third row of seating is extremely helpful for separating quarrelling siblings. Later on, most parents find themselves with a car full of their child’s friends. Third row seating often folds down to increase cargo space. This is a great versatile tool for any family vehicle.


Many people do not give the door style much thought. A four door model is necessary for easily inserting car seats. Babies and toddlers are also much easier to get in and out of a four door car. Aside from the number of doors, there are different styles. Most minivans are equipped with sliding doors. This allows for parents to take their time buckling in children without getting hit in the leg repeatedly by a swinging car door. Remote controls often help open cargo doors, and unlock the rest, when hands are full. Be sure to ask about the door while shopping around.

Adequate Cargo Space

Cargo space is not just important for baby equipment. Long after the strollers are gone, the cargo area of your vehicle continues to remain full. School projects, sports equipment, and pet gear contribute to the ongoing use of a spacious cargo section. Bring strollers and other equipment with you to the dealership when you go to choose the new car. Most salesmen are eager to help you find the right fit. Take the time to place your stroller in and out of the vehicle. This ensures the vehicle has the cargo space you need.

Keyless Entry

Gone are the days when children are accidentally locked inside cars. Keyless entry gives parents one less thing to worry about. Horror stories of losing the keys at the mall are also a thing of the past. Keyless entry offers the option to use a keypad based code to open the car doors. Other options include a remote control that can open the doors and start your car. Remote starts allow for the car to cool off or warm up prior to entry. This increases safety for children in extreme weather conditions. Keyless entry is a small thing with big benefits.

Automobile necessities change when you become a parent. Safety and convenience often outweigh aesthetics. Thankfully, many manufacturers have changed the way people look at the minivan. Many modern vans are sleek and sophisticated while still offering all the perks desired by parents. Take into consideration the amount of cargo you have, daily routines, and safety needs while searching for a sufficient family vehicle.


Top Vehicle Features for Parents

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