A Woman Saw An Unusual Package In An Airport Garbage Bin Then She Decided To Take Action

Security at the airport is taken seriously. It’s an important work for the TSA agents to make sure that people don’t take dangerous items onto the planes. Sometimes, however, passengers are forced to get rid of sentimental objects for security reasons.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 0

While Ivelise Hernandez was about to board a flight, she observed a TSA agent and a passenger in a heated dispute. After the disagreement, the passenger discarded the object, but Hernandez knew there was something significant about it.

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An unassuming day

When Ivelise Hernandez arrived at the St. Peterburg-Clearwater Airport, she thought it would be an ordinary day. Little did this Tampa, Florida resident realize that there was a huge surprise waiting for her.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 1

It would later lead her on a wild goose chase across the country. Hernandez was with her boyfriend called Rico Bankston to help her.

And as he had always done, he walked with her up to the security line…

A crowded airport

The couple soon realized that it would be the hectic day as there were a lot of people traveling on that sunny day. So, he decided to wait for her on those slow moving lines. And shortly, Hernandez found herself at the gate.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 2

However, she saw that the security line was quite slower than normal because one passenger was having problems.

It seemed he had something that he wanted to take with him, but the TSA agents were against it…

A routine inconvenience

We all like to take some trips, but security lines can be annoying. Hernandez noticed that the commotion was happening just a few places ahead of her. The man appeared distressed as he was told to leave the package behind.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 3

The young woman could see that the passenger was not happy with the decision to toss away his item.

Hernandez didn’t know then that the incident would change their lives forever…

An escalating dispute

As the Traveling Security Authority agents or sometimes called TSA agents had rummaged through his stuff, a small box had failed to check out. The passenger was close to tears, pleading with the officer to let him go with it.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 4

The man asked the agents to let him go with it. But they refused to budge, and he knew he had to throw it into the trash can.

That’s when the couple decided to eavesdrop…

A suspicious package

The issue had escalated. It seemed the security guards were mad about the passenger who was trying to board the plane with his wrapped package. The other passengers standing on the queue had been held up long enough.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 5

The agents asked the passenger to step out of the line to continue with their discussions.

Hernandez and Rico heard the argument, and they were about to discover something strange…

A red flag

From the time that the terrible event had happened on September 11, security measures had been tightened up in the United States. The TSA has put in place strict guidelines on what is allowed in the hand luggage.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 6

Even now, several years on, most people are often taken by surprise about the things they can take on board when traveling.

Whatever this passenger had taken, had alarmed the security agents at the airport…

An easier process

Prior to September 11 tragic, the security process was much smoother. Passengers didn’t have to stand on the queue for a long time. And, despite the TSA putting the guidelines online, passengers still attempt to get the items they think are safe.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 7

Some travelers believe some of the restrictions are unnecessary. They might discard them only to repurchase them once they reach the departure lounge.

But it appeared that wasn’t the case with this particular passenger…

An unwanted item

Hernandez and Rico could only watch as the stranger threw the package in the trash can. It was a terrible situation, and they decided to act on it. Hernandez wanted to know what was inside that box.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 8

With his head hanging low, the man continued to board his flight. And, Hernandez had her luggage checked before also boarding the same flight.

But she had a mission she wanted to be accomplished…

An unusual mission

Hernandez could not help it but keep on thinking what she had just witnessed at the airport. As she kissed goodbye to her boyfriend, she had a special request for Rico. She wanted him to rummage through the trash can and see what was inside the box.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 9

The young woman was also stressed by the unfolding of the events. Still, she boarded her flight which was going to Pennsylvania.

She wondered what her boyfriend would uncover in there…

A stressing flight

Throughout the whole journey, Hernandez couldn’t stop recalling the unfortunate scene at the airport. The man’s teary eyes broke her heart.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 10

And, Rico believed there was no risk retrieving the item as it had been thrown in the garbage bin. So, he reached inside and retrieved the passenger’s beloved item.

As he was driving home, he wondered what he could see inside the box…

The puzzling questions

Hernandez had a lot of questions going on through her mind as to what could have possibly been in that box. She didn’t understand why the security agents had been that strict with him.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 11

The moment she landed, Hernandez called her boyfriend about the mysterious box from the trash can. As luck would have it, he had recovered it without any problem.

But he wanted to open it when she returned home…

A surprise discovery

When Hernandez finally went back home, she was full of excitement to find out the contents of the package. As Rico pulled out the package and unwrapped it, he was taken aback what all that commotion had been about.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 12

It was nothing dangerous, and when he first looked at it, it appeared it was just an ordinary present from someone. There inside the package was a beautiful snow globe.

As he examined it, he realized that it was priceless…

A close look

And, there were two pictures inside the snow globe. One of them had a little girl, and the other had a senior couple. It was obviously a sentimental present intended for someone.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 13

On the bottom of the object, there was an engraving. It read we love you Katie from mom and dad.

From that moment, Hernandez and Rico decided to locate the owner of the package…

A special goal

The couple was determined to find the passenger who had thrown away the snow globe. Hernandez agreed with her boyfriend that there was no way they could just ignore the item.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 14

So, they wanted to trace the owner. The package meant the whole world to that man, and it seemed like it was a family belonging.

They willingly took their mission and could only wonder how they could track down the stranger…

A needle in a haystack

The odds were stacked up against Hernandez and Rico. They didn’t know anything about the rightful owner and the task was going to be difficult. They had nothing in their hands such as the address and the full names.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 15

With little information to help them find the man, they only depended on one clue. The passenger might have come from the same area they were living as he had flown out from St. Peterburg-Clearwater Airport.

So what were they going to do???

The first step

Hernandez’s first step was to make use of social media. She immediately wrote on her Facebook page explaining exactly what had happened. She included as many details as possible and posted an image of the snow globe.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 16

She didn’t have many friends, but she was sure that her message would get attention of someone else.

Now, the only thing she could do was to sit back and hope for the best…

The big break

The post was shared by many of her Facebook friends. But, had she done enough? Amazingly, there was someone who came forward with an interesting message.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 17

The person admitted that he didn’t know the stranger, however, he recognized the snow globe. He worked with a certain gift shop known as Things Remembered, and she knew the person who had purchased it.

And they got a lot of help along the way…

They nailed it

The message they got on Facebook was of big help, and it meant they were getting closer to finding the man. Even better, the worker from the gift shop was ready to give them as much help as she could.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 18

She even shared the Facebook status of Hernandez with her company’s head office in Ohio. The worker wanted her colleagues to trace that specific order for more personal details of the passenger.

In a wonderful turn of events, something unexpected happened…

An extraordinary twist

The head office didn’t disappoint as they sent a name that had ordered the snow globe. Her name was Linda Modry, and she had purchased it for her granddaughter called Katie who was 5 years old.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 19

Unfortunately, Katie never got her special present because of what had happened at the airport. Michael who was the girl’s dad was the passenger in question who had problems with the TSA agents.

And there was some more good news…

Around the corner

Having succeeded in their Facebook mission, Hernandez and Rico waited just a few days before surrendering the snow globe to the owner. It turned out that Linda Modry was a local resident where Hernandez lived.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 20

With the contact details that they were given by Things Remembered, they got in touch with the woman. And, the local news outlets got wind of the story.

So they wanted to be part of the reunion between the snow globe and its rightful owners…

Meeting the owner

Despite the warning of the impending rainstorm that was about to come, the news crews couldn’t be stopped from covering the event. Hernandez was supposed to go to Linda Modry’s home in Tampa to deliver the snow globe.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 21

There is nothing as satisfying as doing a good deed. In a bizarre situation, two strangers had been connected by a simple item. Although the snow globe had been thrown away at the airport, it was valuable to both women.

Then Hernandez knocked on the door…

A welcome guest

As soon as Hernandez rang the doorbell, Linda Modry was standing there smiling at her guest. She warmly hugged Hernandez, thanking her for her tireless efforts to track her down.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 22

Linda told her that the snow globe was a present for her granddaughter. But, it was Katie’s dad, Michael who was asked to toss away the gift at the airport.

Linda then got in touch with Michael to break the incredible news…

Uniting the family

There was much more to the gift than Hernandez could have imagined. So, she learned that Michael was going back to Ohio after visiting his parents who stayed in Florida. And Linda with her husband had given him the gift just before taking his flight.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 23

Hernandez was told that Katie’s birthday was coming soon, and the snow globe was a special gift for her.

However, there was more to the present than just been a birthday gift…

Welcome to the family

It so turned out that the engraving on the snow globe was a reminder of what had happened to the family. It was written January the 25th, and it wasn’t a birth date for the granddaughter as Hernandez had initially thought.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 24

Rather, it was the day when Katie was adopted and officially joined the family. Even Linda and her husband wanted to appreciate what their granddaughter meant to them.

Linda had demonstrated that she was a selfless woman…

A kind-hearted woman

From the moment that Hernandez witnessed the commotion at the airport, she just knew that she had to do something. It came naturally to her because of the way she was raised as a child.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 25

Hernandez explained to news stations about the lessons she had learned. Her mom had told her to be good to other people. And, Linda found that to be quite exceptional.

Linda simply said that she had seen that Hernandez was a good person…

An emotional moment

Hernandez’s face was flooded with tears after hearing everything about the snow globe. It was one of the most touching stories she had ever heard. The tale behind the gift had run deeper than she had thought.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 26

Thankfully, she was at the right time and place when she found herself at the airport. And, the gift was returned to the owner in one piece.

Moreover, a young girl was going to be happy on her birthday…

Sincere gratitude

Linda could not say enough to thank Hernandez for her unselfish actions. She even requested her to speak with Michael on the phone. It was the best moment of her life to finally get in touch with the man she had seen at the airport.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 27

The granddaughter also had an opportunity to thank her. There was no doubt in Hernandez’s mind that the package had meant a lot to him.

It was the reason why he had done everything possible to board with it on that flight…

A group photo

After they had their conversation, Linda, Hernandez, and Rico had a photo shoot. This was going to remind all of them what had happened in their lives. And, they would cherish that moment for the rest of their lives.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 28

Hernandez and Rico then bid their goodbyes as they went back home. They had in their minds that a five-year-old girl would have a special birthday present.

It wasn’t a simple deed to do for Hernandez and Rico…

A caring person

It seemed Hernandez and Rico had saved the day by making sure that the birthday gift was delivered to the rightful owner. Their actions might appear simple, but they had impacted the family who valued the snow globe.

Ivelise Hernandez Airport Package 29

It’s never easy to notice that someone needs help, especially, at a crowded airport. And, Hernandez demonstrated that she was a caring person who not only saw what was happening, but she also made a follow-up. In the end, she had put a smile on someone else’s face.

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A Woman Saw An Unusual Package In An Airport Garbage Bin Then She Decided To Take Action

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