Woman Sells Old Crib, But the Buyer Returns It Because of THIS!

We have no idea what other people in this world are going through. Oftentimes we pass judgement on the behavior of others, without knowing their whole story.


For one woman, recent times had been tough. She was going through an emotional struggle that no one could see from the outside. It wasn’t until someone heard her true story that she was surprised with the greatest gift anyone could ever give her. This story should be heard by everyone!

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Valerie Watts

Valerie had wanted a lot of things in this life, but nothing more than to be a mother. She dreamt of the day when she would have a child to call her own, to love and to cherish.

Living in Cokato, Minnesota, Valerie had a very nice life. She had a steady job and a warm place to call home. And yet, the one thing missing in it was the beauty of a child. Luckily for Valerie, she wouldn’t have to wait very long.

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Like many women, Valerie found that her body started to feel different after some time. She wondered if she might be carrying, so she had some tests done to find out.

Lo and behold, Valerie was told that her dreams had come true! The young woman was in fact carrying a child. This was such amazing news for her! She was so excited to head home and begin preparations for her little baby. What a gift this was!

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A Healthy Pregnancy

Valerie was so happy to hear the news about her pregnancy, that she didn’t waste any time telling her friends and family. She quickly began pulling together plans about how to decorate the baby’s room.

Over the next nine months, Valerie would do everything she could to get ready for her first child. She read all of the books, she picked out some names, and she decorated the baby’s room perfectly. Best of all, the baby as growing perfectly!

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A Single Mother

Valerie was going to be a single mother, but that wasn’t going to stop her from being the absolute best that she could be. She did double the research to make sure she would be prepared.

Of course, Valerie also had friends and family to help her, which took some of the pressure off of her shoulders. She wanted this baby to come into a safe and welcoming world, and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that it would happen.

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A Bad Feeling

Valerie had had a very healthy pregnancy. She took all of her necessary vitamins, avoided any bad habits and had regular appointments. The doctors were happy with how things were going.

It had been almost nine months, and Valerie had almost come to term. She was excited for the coming days when her baby would surely make his first appearance. Unfortunately, the pregnancy didn’t go perfectly. When Valerie was almost due, she got a bad feeling.

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No Movement

After having a baby in her womb for almost nine months, Valerie had gotten to know all of the strange feelings and movements that her baby would make inside of her.

She felt them all of the time, especially as she got closer to giving birth. A few days before she was due, Valerie became acutely aware of something that felt different in her body—the movements she was used to hadn’t happened in a while.

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A Mother’s Fear

Even though she hadn’t met him yet, Valerie was very protective of her son. As soon as she realized the movements had stopped, she wanted to go to the doctors to get things checked out.

Even if it was nothing to worry about, Valerie had to be sure. So, as soon as she noticed the strange change in behavior, she planned an appointment with her doctor. When she got to the office, she explained the situation to them.

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Bad News

The doctors took Valerie straight into the room to examine her. It wasn’t long before they could tell that something had gone terribly wrong. Valerie was about to get the most devastating news.

Valerie was told that at some point in the last few days, the umbilical cord in her womb had become pinched. As it did so, it began to cut off all of the oxygen and nutrients to the baby’s system.

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A Terrible Fate

There was no telling why this pinching had happened, but the small change had stopped the baby from being able to survive. With no oxygen or nutrients to be had, the baby died inside of Valerie.

This was a shocking blow for the mother. After nine months of growing this little life inside of her, he was already gone before she could even say hello. There is no right way to explain how a mother feels in this situation.

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Saying Goodbye

Valerie had to say goodbye to her child before she even got to say hello. In her mind, her baby was going to grow up big and strong, but now she was being forced to put him to rest.

Valerie ended up giving birth to her baby boy as a stillborn. It was a somber experience, one that the doctors did not take lightly. Valerie was given her baby to hold, so that she might be able to say a few words to him.

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Valerie was able to see, touch and speak to her baby boy, whom she was going to and still named Noah. She was able to capture a photo of her baby boy, and she had a proper funeral thereafter.

However, this wasn’t the end for Valerie. Once she went home, her nightmare began. Her home had been prepped to welcome a baby boy, and now she was coming home to an empty house. Her mourning began.

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Taking Time

Valerie didn’t know what to do with her home. She had a bedroom that was all set up for Noah, with his name all over the little trinkets and photos sprinkled across the room.

It was hard for her to take anything down, since it seemed like that was her way of forgetting about her baby boy. She didn’t want him to think that she was moving on from him so quickly. Every time she walked passed his room she felt a pain in her heart.

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An Honest Reality

Valerie had been in mourning for quite some time, and before she knew it a year had passed. Even though the mourning for her baby would never be over, she knew she had to move forward.

She looked at all of the things she owned that had been meant for Noah. They were all collecting dust, without anyone to enjoy or use them. Valerie knew that somewhere in the world, another baby could use these things.

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Making Things Easier

Not only were the baby items not getting used, but seeing them also made it hard for Valerie to move on. She would always miss her baby, and getting rid of physical things wouldn’t change that.

With this in mind, Valerie started to consider the idea of giving away or selling Noah’s items to those who needed them more. Of course, she would keep personal mementos like Noah’s footprints, but things like the crib could be used somewhere else.

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Yard Sale

Finally, Valerie decided to host a yard sale. She tried to include items from all over the house, so as not to make the baby items blend in more with other things.

She had help from friends and family, who would help to sell the baby items without Valerie having to go through some tough moments. It was only when someone showed interest in the crib however, that Valerie truly struggled. This was one thing she couldn’t ignore.

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Hard Memories

Before Noah had passed, Valerie always pictured what he would look like lying in his crib. This was the place where she would soothe her baby, feed her baby, and watch him sleep peacefully.

It was so difficult to give up that crib; she didn’t know if she would ever accept anyone’s offer when the time came. However, the crib was in excellent condition, and there was a great deal of interest from shoppers.

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Eventually, a man named Gerald and his wife approached Valerie’s yard sale. They browsed through all of the items, always knowing that one man’s trash was another man’s treasure.

When Gerald saw the crib, he had to have it. He was a handyman of sorts and he loved working with wood. The crib was in perfect condition, and it gave him all kinds of ideas for what he could do with it. He approached Valerie about.

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A Must-Have Item

Gerald could see the value in the crib, and so he wasn’t interested in bargaining with Valerie for it. He was happy to pay the full price she was asking for, which she greatly appreciated.

After a small conversation, Gerald and his wife were granted permission to buy the crib. It was like the last physical reminder of Noah was leaving, and it lifted a small weight off of Valerie’s chest. This man had no idea what the crib meant to Valerie.

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Hearing the News

Gerald had no idea about the back story behind the crib he had just purchased. In all honesty, he assumed that the woman had already had her child, and it was too big for the crib!

He had no suspicions about the crib whatsoever; however, his wife did ask. Valerie and Gerald’s wife had a full conversation about the crib, and Valerie opened up to the woman about her sad story of Noah. The woman felt terribly and shared her condolences.

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The Truth

When Gerald and his wife were on their way home, they talked about the new crib they had just purchased. Gerald was so excited to start figuring out what he would make with it!

However, his wife was weary of trying to change the crib. It was then that she filled him in on the entire story about Valerie and what she had been through. Gerald was shocked—he had no idea! He felt terribly for taking the crib from her.

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A Kind Man

Now that Gerald knew the truth about Valerie’s baby and the crib, there was no way that he was going to keep it from her. She might not want it as a crib, but maybe she’d like it as something else!

Gerald was a very crafty man, but he was also very kind. When they got home, the man headed right into his workshop to start on a new project. This was going to be something that would hopefully help Valerie.

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A New Look

Gerald could understand that seeing a crib would be hard for the mourning mother, but he thought that perhaps he could change the way the crib looked!

With his creative mind and strong hands, Gerald started to take apart the crib, and fashion it into something entirely different. It wouldn’t look the way it used to, but it could serve a new purpose in her home and maybe make her smile.

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Fixing It Up

Gerald took apart the pieces of the crib, and began to use the wood in other ways. He sanded it down, he re-painted it, and he put it together into a new shape that would hopefully suit her home.

Gerald had taken the crib that had sad memories, and turned it into a bench! Gerald thought that perhaps a bench would be something Valerie could actually use, and which would remind her that her baby was always there with her.

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Delivering the Gift

A few weeks past, and Valerie got a call from the couple who had purchased the crib from her. It had been strange without the crib—it made the room look very empty.

However, she knew that it was better this way. However, she was confused. The couple ended up calling her back and telling her that they were going to return the crib to her! Valerie had no idea what to say —what was wrong with it? She didn’t want it back anymore.

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Valerie hadn’t wanted the crib back, but now that the couple were returning it she thought perhaps this was fate. She hoped it wasn’t broken or unsafe—she would have felt terribly!

Gerald and his wife returned to her home, and she watched them pull something out of their car. However, it wasn’t her crib! She was so confused as they approached the door. When she opened it, they presented her with Noah’s “crib”. Except, this wasn’t a crib.

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A New Start

It may not have been Noah’s crib anymore …but now, it was Noah’s bench! Gerald explained that he had heard Valerie’s story, and couldn’t possibly keep it away from her.

He re-fashioned it into a working bench, with beautiful patterns and a lovely white finish. He told her that he hoped that this would offer a comforting place for her to relax and smile, when thinking about her son Noah. Valerie was in complete disbelief at the act of kindness.

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Pleasantly Surprised

Valerie couldn’t believe what Gerald had done for her. Instead of ignoring her story and moving on, Gerald took the time to re-fashion the crib into something that could honor Noah’s memory.

Valerie was touched deeper than words could ever say. The man wanted her to sit on the bench and be reminded that her son was with her always; not only that, but he wanted her to know that he and his wife were there for her, too.

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Always Choose Kindness

Valerie now knew for sure that it was fate that had brought Gerald and his wife back to her. She wasn’t meant to get her sad memories back—she was meant to move forward with the memory of her son in her heart.

The bench was a perfect item. Now, the bench sits in Valerie’s hallways where it holds a few of the treasures Noah left behind. The bench includes a little teddy bear, and a baby blanket. It’s the perfect nod to her beautiful son.

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Be Kind

We never know what anyone else is going through from one day to the next. The world is a tough place sometimes, and that means we should be kind to one another as much as we can.

Gerald makes the perfect example of how easy it is to change someone’s entire life with a little bit of thoughtfulness. With his act of kindness, he allowed Valerie to move on properly, and to embrace her life again. We need more Geralds in the world!

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Woman Sells Old Crib, But the Buyer Returns It Because of THIS!

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